How to market a pop-up event

pop-up event

There are lots to like about pop-up events. They’re temporary, so offer a chance to test out ideas and gauge customer reactions without committing to a location (even if average rental rates have dropped recently). They usually come with an element of surprise too, making them perfect for building buzz and exclusivity around your brand. That’s if you can get the promotion right, at least.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done though. If you’re starting with a small online following and little to no industry connections, you could find footfall hard to come by. So if you have your ideal pop-up event in mind, what are some of the best ways to drum up interest?

Maximise social media

We’re far beyond the days when business owners dismissed social media as a fad. Global users recently passed the 4.5 billion mark, so now’s the time to maximize it if you aren’t already.

Promote your event at least one month in advance with teaser posts and key information on your chosen platforms. If your current audience is limited, experiment with paid advertising campaigns targeted at local people with relevant interests.

Capturingbehind-the-scenes content from the event will help build further excitement, as well as come in handy for promoting your next one.

Use your contacts

If your brand is already reasonably well-known and established, it makes sense to promote your event directly via email. You could include incentives for your most loyal subscribers, like discount codes or early access if your event is ticketed.

Do you have any relevant local or industry contacts who could help get the word out too? There are few tools more powerful than word-of-mouth, especially if your contacts are better established online. Just make sure you return the favor!

Create printed promotional materials

Traditional marketing methods still work – especially if your business has a crafty or creative angle to it.

Create informative branded leaflets and drop them off in key locations, like local cafes, shops, and transport hubs. Well-placed banners and signs can then lure in more passing visitors on the day of your event, as well as make your shop window enticing.

Just make sure they’re sturdy enough to cope with the British weather!

Generate some positive PR

Could you invite local press and social media influencers to your event too? You’ll effectively invite their audiences along by doing so, which is ideal if you need to grow your customer base.

The key to both categories is relevance. Target publications and influencers that you know your target audience are likely to be familiar and engaged with. Make them feel like VIP guests and entice them with a free sample before the day of your event.

Are you confident of making your pop-up event a success? As long as you make enough of the right people know about it through the tactics above, you’ll be onto a winner.