How to operate with arbitrage betting?

arbitrage betting
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Certainly, every bettor has probably at least once wondered: how can one earn money through betting?

Many bettors have already realized that it’s practically impossible to beat a bookmaker without using some betting system. Unfortunately, many existing betting strategies, to a great disappointment, turn out to be less effective in practice and do not guarantee the player a profit.

But is there really no strategy that can genuinely bring a bettor a substantial income with lower risks of losing money? Undoubtedly, there is! Such a betting system is called sports arbitrage betting.

What is arbitrage betting?

Sports arbitrage, or arbing, is a situation that arises due to differences in the odds offered by several bookmakers, allowing the bettor to place opposing outcomes of a particular match/event in different bookmakers in such a way that they can profit regardless of the final result.

There are two types of arbs: prematch and live. Prematch arbs appear for events that will start after some time. Live arbs are arising in matches/events that are happening right now.

Some bettors are wondering: is arbitrage betting legal? Yes, it’s absolutely legal. However, some bookmakers don’t like arbers because they deprive them profit.

To give you a clear example of this betting strategy, let’s consider a simple arb:

Suppose, there will be a match in EPL between Manchester United and Chelsea, and two bookmakers (B1 and B2) have set their odds for the total goals scored:

B1: Under 2.5 – 1.89, Over 2.5 – 2.09

B2: Under 2.5 – 2.14, Over 2.5 – 1.78

In this case, we see that the outcomes Over 2.5 in B1 and Under 2.5 in B2 form an arbitrage opportunity because the odds for these outcomes are both above 2.0. Accordingly, if a player place bets on both of these outcomes simultaneously, he will profit regardless of the match result.

We want to note that here we provided an example of one of the simplest arbs, which are not encountered very often. In reality, calculating arbitrage situations is a rather complex task, and that’s why many players use arbs calculators for these purpose.

How to earn from arbitrage betting?

However, to calculate an arb, you first need to find one, and this is where special arbitrage services come to the aid.

Nowadays, there are quite a few services for finding arbs, and their main task is to promptly provide their clients with reliable information about the presence of arbitrage opportunities.

With the help of an arb scanner, a player can get a list of current arbs in just a few clicks, and then sort them by profit percentage, bookmaker, type of sport, etc..

One among such services is BetBurger, which has been operating for 10 years and has already become one of the leaders in its niche.

earn from arbitrage betting

This arb scanner collects and analyzes information about arbitrage opportunities from more than 250 bookmakers, then provides its users with the results in the form of a ready list of prematch/live arbs and positive ev bets.

In addition to standard functionality for searching and sorting arbs, the BetBurger scanner has many additional features. Among them an odds comparison service, a menu to hide arbs, one-click redirect from the service’s calculator to the betslip for bookmakers, etc. All this functionality significantly simplifies working with arbs.

Also, on the website of this arb service, there is a good section with educational materials that will help you learn more about sports arbitrage and the process of working with it.


Sports arbitrage is an effective betting strategy, which many professional players have been successfully using it for earning in bookmakers for many years.

This betting system involves independent search for arbitrage situations, but many bettors prefer to trust professionals in the form of arbitrage services, which noticeably save time for their clients and simplify the process of working with sports arbitrage.