How to Optimise Your Car Security in the New Year

Car Security

According to the latest statistics there were 130,521 vehicles stolen across England and Wales in the period 2022/2023. While this is down on previous years, it is still a huge number, equating to devastating financial loss as well as emotional upset for many car owners.

The theft of a vehicle can have far-reaching effects on your life, and is clearly a serious matter for concern.

This article will cover the ways in which you can protect your car this year. We ask the experts in car security solutions for their tips and tricks to help protect your vehicle from theft this year. 

Always lock your car

This may seem like the most obvious and first thing you would do but it’s surprising how many forget to lock the car or assume that it will be fine for ‘just a couple of minutes’. An opportunist thief will spot an unlocked car and take full advantage while your back is turned, and the next thing you know your car is gone.

Fit a good alarm system

A car alarm is a valuable tool as part of your overall car security as not only will it alert you to any interference with your car, it will deter thieves and vandals too.

Keep your keys out of sight

In recent years, there has been a tendency for thieves to break into houses or reach through letterboxes in order to steal car keys. Don’t tempt thieves by leaving your car keys in plain sight or near the door. When you are out and about make sure your keys are in a safe place where they can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Consider an immobiliser

If your car doesn’t have an immobiliser already fitted or you think you would benefit from an upgrade to a unit which has the latest car security technology, talk to a specialist company, where expert technicians can advise on the best option for keeping your vehicle safe. An immobiliser is undoubtedly one of the best ways in which you can prevent your vehicle being stolen.

Guard against keyless entry theft

A keyless entry system is one which allows you to unlock and start your car remotely and this happens by way of a key fob which sends a coded signal to your car’s ECU. The issue with this system is that it can be vulnerable to so-called ‘relay theft.’ This is where a nearby thief uses a special device which mimics the code enabling them to unlock your car without your key fob. The way to avoid this happening is to either store the key fob in a signal-blocking Faraday pouch or keep it well away from doors and windows. It’s also worth finding out if you can turn off the key fob’s wireless signal.

Keep valuables out of sight

It only takes a minute for an opportunist thief to smash a window on your car to reach in and steal whatever they can find. Avoid leaving any valuables such as wallets, handbags, laptops, satnavs etc in plain sight. Take them with you when you leave the car or at the very least store them safely in the boot, but make sure no-one sees you when you do this.

Make your car security visible

The best way to protect your car is to use as many car security measures as you can afford from mechanical devices such as steering locks and wheel clamps to immobilisers and car trackers. If you can place stickers on the car windows stating that the car is protected by a tracker and is alarmed, so much the better.

Image by nensuria on Freepik