How to organize your remote workers

Virtual employees
Image Source: Unsplash

In the beginning, let your staff work at home might be difficult. You can’t see what they’re doing anymore and it takes trust to let them work outside of the office. Bothering your staff constantly and asking what they’re doing, might cause frustration for both you and your employees. Organize your business in a way that keeps everybody happy, with these simple tips.

Use timesheet software

Since working remotely became more popular, many companies left the old ways of scheduling employees with pen and paper and moved towards a more modern approach: online rostering. With timesheet software by Papershift, rostering and creating timesheets becomes easy.

The system can be filled with employee information, such as availability, overtime, and sick leave. The HR department can schedule employees online, without creating conflicts. Besides, employees are always able to view their schedule on the desktop or mobile application. Accurate timesheets can be created and printed quickly and easily with this timesheet software.

The software features a mobile clock-in system, making it possible for them to clock in and track their worked hours through the app. They can use their own mobile devices, or clock in through the company tablet. It is also possible to define the IP addresses that are allowed to clock in through the app.

Provide online collaboration tools

If you keep wondering what your employees are doing, but you don’t want to constantly bother and distract them, you should provide software to improve collaboration. Programs such as Trello, Click-Up, and Asana are made to improve productivity and collaboration. All the people in a team can create different tasks and indicate when the deadline is and when they are working on them.

Workflow programs often can be personalized, making it easy for teams to adapt the characteristics of the program to their wishes. They can change the different statuses that you can give a task and assign tasks to specific team members. By setting the task to “in progress” team members know that you are working on the task.

Making it easier for employees to collaborate online keeps them involved in the company. This is something that remote employees sometimes lack if they are working on separate tasks and do not know what their colleagues are doing. Being separated from colleagues creates isolation and unhappy staff. Collaboration programs make it easy to keep everyone involved and keep the bond between co-workers strong.

Make sure your employees have a good space to work

Working from home is a great benefit for employees, especially for those who have to pick up children from school or do chores around the house. However, for employees to work efficiently when they’re at home, they need a space free of distractions.

You can stimulate your employees by offering a budget for them to spend on arranging a working space in their house. They could use this to buy a good computer, a comfortable office chair and a desk for them to work at. Having a comfortable working space that is free of distraction will help them to be able to concentrate on their work and stay healthy.

Other ways to make your employees comfortable is to offer benefits, such as a gym membership, and online extracurricular activities, or to occasionally send them a small gift to remind them that they are appreciated, even if they work at home. This makes your employees feel valued and keeps up morale while they’re working from home.