How to Promote Your Church Youth Concert Online?

Church Youth Concert

Organizing and promoting your church youth concert is essential to improve young memberships of your church and promote your church. However, to promote any concert, you require effective strategic planning and resources and members to execute the plan. On the other hand, after the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become essential for churches to improve engagement with digital technology and social media platforms. The main two challenges that many churches are facing today are-a) the lack of church membership and limited funds, and b) the lack of engagement with digital technology. This article will offer you strategic planning to deal with these challenges and promote your church youth concert online effectively.

Sense of Community and Church:

According to Gallup’s 2019 survey, whereas the Church membership was 70% in 1999, it dropped to 50% in 2018. This data shows a significant drop-off in church membership. Therefore, the challenge is how can you improve church membership and promote your church. Here comes the role of the ‘Sense of Community model in churches. McMillan and Chavis’ model of ‘Sense of Community’ is effective to build bonding and mutual relation between churches and members. The four elements of this model are membership, influence, need fulfillment, and shared emotional connection. According to the model, there should be strong membership barriers in the churches. Churches should also ensure that members feel influential on the operations, for instance, by organizing youth concerts. Churches have to effectively communicate with the members about shared values. Shared emotional connection is also essential to attract individuals and help them relate to history. While you want to promote your Church youth concert, you have to build a sense of community in young people’s minds so that they feel more fascinated to attend the concert.  

Include Digital Technology in Your Marketing Strategy:

While a limited budget is an issue for most small Churches, you can use digital technologies and convey your message by creating engaging visual content. To promote your youth concert, you can use graphic design materials, for instance, you can create web images of the concert, banners, social media graphics, and the logo of the church. The most interesting thing is that neither you require a high budget nor a professional graphic designer to create the visual content. With the help of online graphic design software like PosterMyWall, you can easily create different types of visual content for the concert and customize the image, color, and font based on the aesthetic of your church.

Improve Online Presence of the Church:

In this digital era, to promote your church and the concert, it is essential to improve the online presence of your church. In 2021, Rowevina G. Herring conducted a study and the result indicates that to proliferate and maintain the gospel, full integration with social media and digital technology has become essential, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, to promote your concert, you should build a website for your church and update it regularly.

Social Media Marketing:

According to the survey report of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, ninety percent of teenagers use social media platforms. Therefore, if you want to promote a youth concert, you have to focus on social media marketing. Among teens, the most popular online platforms are Snapchat Plantes, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You have to create and publish content about your concert on these platforms. In order to generate social media content, you can create attention-grabbing Instagram templates at low cost by using PosterMyWall or similar types of graphic design software. 

Email Marketing:

Email marketing can also be an effective strategy to promote your church youth concert online. While you are advertising your concert on social media platforms or on your website, you can encourage people to leave their email addresses so that you can provide further updates regarding the concert. You can send details of the concert to your target audience through email and encourage them to attend the concert.

You should include all these five essential elements in your strategic planning for promoting your church concert. While you have insufficient members and low funds to organize and promote the concert, online marketing is an effective way to reach out to people. Above all, through your marketing strategy, you should encourage youth and offer value to attend the concert.