How to travel with your pet in a motorhome

Travel with Pet

It’s time to take your pet on holiday with you. It can be expensive to arrange for someone to look after them while you are away, and sad to say goodbye. You can take your pet on holiday with you in a motorhome. Rule 57 of the highway code says pets can travel in the motorhome with you as long as you keep them safe.

You will need to make some adjustments to the motorhome and your itinerary. Your pet needs their essential toys, blanket, and a doggy passport if you’re going abroad.

Follow this quick guide to travel with your pet in a motorhome.

Crates and pet carriers are the most secure

Your pet needs to be safe and secure. A crate will keep them secure in the motorhome while you are driving alone. Fill the crate with their usual blanket and toys, so it smells like home. Just make sure the crate is big enough for your pet – so they can stand and lie down easily.

A crate or cage will obviously keep your dog safe from any risk. However, many motorhome owners also like to carry their dogs with a dog seat belt. Above all, the available space of your motor and the nature of your pet determines how you should travel with your pet. If your dog can sit in its back happily, you may not require a crate or cage.

Once you arrive at your destination, your pet needs a space in the motorhome. Put their toys and blankets in one spot, so they understand which space is theirs. The crate will probably take up too much space in the van when you are all inside of it. Keep the crate tucked to one side until you hit the road again.

Passports for foreign travel

Your pet will need a passport to travel abroad, and it can take a while to get. You will need to visit a vet, and your dog may need a few vaccinations before traveling abroad. Or, you could travel to the UK and enjoy a staycation instead.

Pack their essentials

Don’t forget to pack your pet’s essentials so they can be comfortable and at ease throughout the trip. They will need a lead, harness, poop bags, bed, blanket, medication, toys, food, and a water bowl. Their collar should have a tag with your name and number on it. Do not put your pet’s name on their collar, as this can make it easier for someone to steal them.

You need your essentials too

You need a few things for the trip as well. You need insurance papers, a driver’s license, clothes, food, and much more. Pack all of your pet’s essentials in one box, so it’s easy to find amongst everything else.  Keep all of your important documents in the glove box of the van so you can find them without any hassle.

A motorhome holiday is the best way to see the UK and explore some new areas. Drive through the rolling hills with your puppy and take them on a new adventure.