Inogen Accessory Hacks: Tips And Tricks For A Better Experience

Inogen Accessory Hacks

If you require oxygen therapy for yourself or a family member, you have probably encountered Inogen, a prominent manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators. Inogen devices are well-known for their dependability and simplicity, but did you know that many Inogen accessories are available to enhance your experience further? This article will examine clever Inogen accessories hacks to help you get the most out of your oxygen therapy. Whether you’ve been using it for a while or are just getting started, these tips and tricks can make your life easier and more pleasant.

Understanding The Importance Of Inogen Accessories

Before we go into the hacks, it’s essential to understand why Inogen accessories are worthwhile to consider. Inogen has created various accessories to accompany their portable oxygen concentrators, giving users more mobility, convenience, and comfort. These items enhance your therapy experience while enabling you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Invest In An Extra Battery

The ability of Inogen’s portable oxygen concentrators to give oxygen on the go is one of their most significant features. The battery life, however, varies depending on the model and the oxygen flow setting. Consider purchasing an extra battery to enable ongoing oxygen therapy during long outings. A fully charged spare battery can be a lifesaver when you’re away from home.

Carry A Portable Charging Kit

Inogen provides portable charging kits that allow you to recharge your device while on the go. These packages include a car charger and a travel case, making it simple to charge your Inogen concentrator, whether driving or flying. It is beneficial on long flights or while visiting areas with limited access to power outlets.

Opt For Custom Carrying Solutions

While Inogen supplies conventional carrying bags with their concentrators, consider upgrading to a custom moving solution more suitable for your lifestyle. Look for backpacks or shoulder bags with pockets to securely hold your Inogen device. People frequently use the extra pockets on these bags to store accessories like backup batteries, charging kits, and even personal belongings such as keys and wallets.

Use A Humidifier Bottle

During oxygen therapy, dry air can be irritating, causing dry nasal passages and throat irritation. Inogen offers humidifier bottles that can add moisture to the oxygen flow in your concentrator. It is beneficial if you live in a dry region or during the winter when indoor heating systems can dry out the air.

Explore Custom Cannula Options

The cannula is the tube that connects your Inogen concentrator to your nose. Inogen offers conventional cannulas, but custom variations are available to improve comfort and fit. Some users may prefer soft, cushioned cannulas or those with nasal prongs. Discuss your preferences with your healthcare professional to select the best cannula.

Secure Your Tubing

Consider utilizing tubing clamps or holders if your tubing tends to get twisted or trapped on objects. These attachments can be connected to your clothing or wheelchair to keep the tubing in place and prevent accidents or disturbances in your oxygen delivery.

Maintain A Cleaning Routine

Proper maintenance is required to preserve the longevity and efficacy of your Inogen device and accessories. Clean and replace your concentrator’s air intake filter regularly. Clean your cannula and humidifier bottle according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid bacteria or mold growth. A well-maintained device guarantees that you receive the best oxygen therapy possible.

Accessorize For Comfort

During oxygen therapy, remember your comfort. If you encounter difficulty wearing the cannula for extended periods, invest in extras such as cushioned nasal pads or ear shields. Making slight adjustments can significantly enhance your overall comfort.

Customize Your Experience

Inogen can customize its portable oxygen concentrators in a variety of ways. You can select from various flow settings and battery alternatives depending on your requirements. Discuss with your healthcare practitioner to ensure your Inogen device aligns with your oxygen therapy requirements.

Be Prepared For Travel

Traveling with oxygen might be difficult, but Inogen’s portable concentrators make it easier. Contact your airline ahead of time and advise them of your oxygen needs. Although Inogen devices are FAA-approved for in-flight use, it is critical to adhere to airline policies and procedures. Additionally, ensure you have all the accessories, spare batteries, and charging kits for your trip.

Consider The Portable Oxygen Cart

The portable oxygen cart is worth considering for those who find carrying their Inogen concentrator for lengthy periods difficult. These carts securely contain the concentrator while enabling you to quickly push or drag it, similar to a luggage cart at an airport. It is beneficial if you have mobility concerns or want to avoid carrying the concentrator for long periods.

Keep A Spare Set Of Accessories

It’s always a good idea to keep an extra set of vital attachments available, such as cannulas and tubing. If your primary location becomes destroyed or requires replacement, keeping a spare set on hand ensures that your oxygen therapy remains uninterrupted. It is essential when unforeseen situations emerge.

Accessory Storage And Organization

Consider using storage solutions such as clear plastic containers or pouches to keep your Inogen accessories organized and easily accessible. To prevent plagiarism, mark each container or bag with its contents for effortless retrieval of the addition required at any given moment. This easy organizational tip can help you save time and frustration.

Explore Prescription Service Options

Inogen has simplified the process of obtaining prescription services, ensuring you have access to the oxygen therapy supplies you require. Their Prescription Advantage Program streamlines the process of receiving prescription services, allowing you to concentrate on your treatment rather than dealing with bureaucratic issues.


Inogen accessories are more than just nice-to-haves; they are necessary tools to improve your oxygen therapy experience vastly. You can make your daily life more convenient and joyful by investing in extra batteries, portable charging kits, unique carrying solutions, humidifier bottles, and comfy cannulas. Furthermore, following a regular cleaning regimen and tailoring your Inogen equipment to your specific needs can ensure a smooth and practical oxygen therapy experience.

Remember that oxygen therapy is an integral part of your health, so speak with your healthcare professional to select the appropriate accessories and settings for your unique needs. Adopting these Inogen accessory hacks into your routine gives you a higher quality of life and the ability to remain active and mobile while receiving the necessary oxygen.