Is IPL More Effective than All Other Hair Shaving Methods?

Shaving Methods
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Hairs are made up of amino acid strands called keratin and keratin is a protein but this protein is different from the protein that is responsible for the growth of our nails. That means every part of the body has different proteins as a subunit and they have a different life cycle. This keratin is regenerated through a proper cycle that is carried out throughout our lives until we get very old or stop the protein intake in our diet. Therefore to remove hairs from the body we have to target the protein strands or roots for permanent stopping of hair growth. There are various hair removal methods and treatments that are being used worldwide either to remove unwanted hairs from different body parts of the body temporarily or permanently. Whatever the way is, it is very difficult and bothersome to have hair-free and smooth skin all the time.

Although it is always everyone’s personal choice, whether you choose shaving or IPL before making a decision you need to know what exactly each process is and what is science behind it by reading this topic IPL vs. shaving.

Shaving a Traditional Hair Removal Method:

Shaving is the most easy and fast method of hair removal, well we cannot say it is even a hair removal method, we should say it is a cutting method because hairs are cut from the skin’s surface to make them invisible with the help of gadgets like razor or shaving machine.

It is a widespread method worldwide because is easy to learn, inexpensive, fast, and convenient because you shave larger hair areas in the minimum period. It is also very less painful as compared to waxing and plucking so people consider it a better option.

How Shaving Works:

As it is discussed above, shaving is very simple and easy to do for hair removal or hair cutting. In this method, a sharp blade attached to the handle is moved over the tight skin, and hairs are cut or trimmed. Therefore hairs are not visible on the skin but this method does not damage the protein cells and they are alive.

Longevity of Results after Shaving:

If you have kept in mind, the science behind shaving and IPL, you can imagine that which method will give you longer results. In shaving hairs are cut superficially but their growth remains the same therefore they grow regularly with a normal growth rate of 0.3 cm each day.

Therefore hairs after shaving become visible in just 3 days.

Is Shaving Safe and Effective:

Shaving is a safe hair removal method because it does not harm skin until you do a reckless shaving. It is common to have skin irritation after shaving but it resolves in one hour or two.

Shaving exfoliates skin gently but it is less effective as hairs grow again in 3-4 days.

Cons of Shaving:

Shaving is painless but it can cause itching, redness, and ingrown hairs, and if done roughly it may lead to cuts and bruises. Many individuals experience itchy legs after shaving them, which can be attributed to factors such as dry skin or irritation.

After shaving hair regrowth is thicker and it does not look aesthetic to have thicker hairs on visible parts of the body.

IPL a Modern Hair Removing Method:

How IPL Works:

IPL hair removal method is different because it damages the keratin cells of hairs. IPL treatment requires an IPL hair removal device or handset that emits Intense Pulsed Light that is absorbed by the skin. Beneath the skin, this light energy is changed into heat, and heat damages the hair follicles.

Hair follicles are hair root support that helps maintain the integrity of hair cells and when they are damaged hair growth is stopped. When you damage hair follicles again and again by continuous IPL sessions, hair growth can be blocked permanently and you may get smooth and hair-free skin for life.

Longevity of Results after IPL:

After shaving, hairs are treated with Intense Pulsed Light in IPL hair removal, therefore roots of hairs become damaged and they go into a dormant phase.

Is IPL Safe and Effective:

IPL is approved by the FDA as a safe and effective method, but weaning no safety goggles can damage your eyes. It does not cause skin irritation because IPL devices have inbuilt Ice-Cooling technology to lower the temperature of the skin.

IPL is more effective because it damages hairs from roots therefore it can end the growth of hairs.

Cons of IPL Hair Removal:

IPL is much expensive as compared to shaving but it has long-lasting results. It is advised to avoid sunlight exposure 24 hours after IPL because the skin becomes a little sensitive.

IPL is not suitable for you if you have darker skin tones or lighter hair colours.

On a final note, shaving gives short-lived results quickly and cost-effectively while IPL hair removal gives long-lived results and it is expensive. To remove hairs permanently IPL is the best choice especially if you do it with Ulike IPL devices.