Everything about- Joe Exotic net worth, Why was Joe prisoned for 22 years?

joe exotic net worth
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The world knows him as Tiger King from the famous Netflix documentary of the same name. Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as Joe Exotic is a notorious zoo runner. Joseph, known widely for closeness with his tigers. Away from the popular belief, Joe Exotic net worth is more than you might think. He might not be earning a lot due to his current circumstances but Joe owns close to $250,000 of inheritance from his grandparents. Additionally, upon winning a lawsuit in 1977 from a trucking company, Joe gained a sum of $140,000. The trucking company responsible for his brother’s death.   

Joe Exotic Life and Career   

Born in Kansas City on the 5th of March 1963, Joe Exotic had a tough childhood. Joe and his family soon moved to Texas where he joined the police force and did quite well for himself. He claimed the ladder pretty soon and became chief of police. He retired early from the police force. His passion for animals and the lawsuit money allowed him to open a zoo he called Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. His distinct style of marketing and exotic collection of the wild attracted people across the States to the zoo. Joe earned around about $15/entry during the peak of the business. At $175/tour you could even indulge in an up-close and personal experience with the wild animals. Joe’s exotic zoo got a lot of attention forcing him to travel with his animals. His travel zoo earned close to $23,000 per week at the peak.   

Joe’s Netflix documentary earnings   

His bizarre life captured and put on Netflix for the world to see by filmmakers. The documentary titled Tiger King broke several records and stayed on top of the watch list on Netflix for several weeks. Provided its popularity, Joe certainly would have bagged in a ton of money which we would only come to know post his release from the prison.   

Why did Joe Exotic go to prison? 

Joe Exotic has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for 2 reasons. One, jailed for conspiring to kill his competition in the zoo business, Carole Baskin. Two, he illegally murdered several tigers just so he can make room for other exotic animals. There was an existing fight that went on between Joe and Carole. Things escalated in 2017 when Joe tried to pay a third person to kill Carole for a sum of $3000. After his arrest and imprisonment, Joe filed another lawsuit against the government for a sum of $94 million. The lawsuit depicts a violation of civil rights by the government in the case of Joe.   

Joe Exotic Net Worth: 

There is not a certain number available anywhere that describes his net worth. Some say he is broke while other sources describe his net worth to be in the millions. If all estimates are right Joe can have a net worth between $1 million and $15 million.