Who is Manon McCrory-Lewis? Her life, net worth, and more!

Manon McCrory-Lewis
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Manon McCrory is a 15-year-old famous TikTok star with more than 45k followers and 1 million likes on her post. Her TikTok username is – @manon.llllll. She is an upcoming actress and a philanthropist. She raised 1 million Euros for charity and her parents to Feed NHS, which aimed to provide daily healthy meals to the frontline staff at MHS (National Health Service, England) during the Covid-19 crisis. She was born on September 8, 2006, and is the daughter of famous actors – Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis. Though her parents are British, she was granted American citizenship in 2021. 

She also has a younger brother, Gulliver Lewis. Manon is very private about her personal life, and her relationship status is currently assumed to be single. Manon is 157cm tall and weighs 99lb (approx.). Her Instagram handle is – @manonmccrory, where she has more than 15k followers.

Though Manon was already famous on TikTok for her unique TikTok videos on popular sounds, she rose to fame when people started recognizing her on social media as the star kid after her mother Helen McCrory’s demise on April 16, 2021, who suffered and fought bravely with breast cancer.

Helen McCrory was a British actress popularly known for her role of Narcissa Malfoy (wife of Lucius Malfoy and mother of Draco Malfoy) in Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince and Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. Another significant role she played was that of Aunt Prolly, the matriarch of the Shelby family in the series “Peaky Blinders”. Manon McCrory-Lewis is very close to her father and could be spotted with her father whenever Damian is free from his acting schedule. Manon likes traveling and modeling.

Manon aspires to be an actor like her parents. According to those who know her, she is currently focusing on her acting, she is also taking acting lessons from her father. Due to all the popularity, she gained last year, her star kid identity, a film director Uncle (Gareth Lewis), her hard work, and a vast pre-existing fanbase, the acting career of the TikTok star looks bright. 

Manon’s net worth cannot be estimated since she is not in any profession yet. Her sole focus is on training to be a well-known actress carrying her parents’ legacy. Manon McCrory-Lewis is one of the most anticipated upcoming actresses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manon McCrory-Lewis

How old is Manon Lewis?

Manon McCrory Lewis is currently 15 years old. She was born on September 8, 2006, in London, UK.

What is Helen McCrory’s daughter’s TikTok?

Helen McCrory’s daughter, Manon McCrory-Lewis’s TikTok username is – @manon.llllll.

What is Manon McCrory’s Instagram?

Manon McCrory-Lewis’s Instagram handle is @manonmccrory.

Is Manon McCrory the daughter of Helen McCrory?

Yes, Manon McCrory Lewis is the daughter of Helen McCrory (1968-2021), the popular British actress who died of breast cancer on April 16, 2021.

Which school does Manon McCrory-Lewis go to?

Manon McCrory-Lewis completed her schooling at an unknown high school. Earlier, she used to study at St. Christopher’s School in Belsize Park, North London.