Online Privacy: How to Use a Virtual Private Network

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According to one study, 68% of adults use a VPN.

If you aren’t in that percentage, you need to be using a virtual private network!

But what is a VPN? And how do you use it and make it work for you? Keep reading to find out!

What is a VPN?

If you download a VPN for Windows 10, you’ll have access to a completely secure and private network connection. This will help to hide your IP address and your personal data. You’ll also be able to get past any website restrictions, content blocks, and censorship. 

The VPN will also encrypt your internet traffic. That way, no one can tell who you are, where you are, or even what you’re doing. It creates a private tunnel to the internet from your computer that is really difficult to hack into. 

They’re great for using on your laptop, desktop, or even your phone and tablet. 

How it Works

The VPN will create a secret tunnel to a place that could be thousands of miles away. That way, if someone tries to look up your IP address, it makes it seem like you’re thousands of miles away from wherever you are.

This gives you all kinds of freedom, and you can access any of your favorite websites or apps even if they’re not available in your area. 

The VPN will use an encryption code to scramble the data when it’s sent to the Wi-Fi network. Without a VPN, you have to use the same IP address each time you log on, so someone can easily identify you.

But with a VPN, the encryption makes your personal data unreadable. They will also generate a new IP address for you each time so that they will never be able to track down who you really are. 

How to Use It

To use a VPN, you’ll likely need to pay a subscription service to a VPN provider. After you do that, you can easily install the app onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You’ll have to log in, set up your security settings, and then click Connect to be taken to another IP address. Once you have a good connection established, you can go anywhere in the world online. 

Even your website traffic will be encrypted, which makes it difficult for people to see where you’re going. They also won’t be able to see what information you enter into certain sites, so if you want to purchase something without sharing your credit card information, you might want to use a VPN.

Learn More About How to Use a Virtual Private Network

These are only a few things to know about a virtual private network, but there are many more things to keep in mind.

We know that keeping up with the latest technology can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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