Pat Sajak Net Worth, Life and More | Everything You Need to Know

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If there is one game show that has been a hit among the American audience for more than 40 years, it’s Wheel of Fortune. The show has won many hearts and gathered accolades across the globe. Everyone who knows the show knows Pat Sajak. Pat Sajak is a distinguished American TV personality who has worn a number of hats but one that made him a household name was Wheel of Fortune. 

That being said, what more do we know about him? His life before the show, Pat Sajak net worth, and more. Keep reading to discover Pat Sajak beyond the Wheel of Fortune. 

Pat Sajak: Early Life and Family 

Pat Sajak was born into a humble family in Chicago. Compared to today, his family was far from comfort and luxuries and struggled to make ends meet. In addition to the financial issues, Pat had to witness their parents’ separation at an early age in his life. 

However, Pat knew that to have a better life, he needed to work harder and study. So, against all odds, he focused on learning. He graduated high school from Chicago’s Farragut High School and quickly started looking for work. 

Pat has been married twice. Once in 1979 with Sherrill Sajak who he divorced in 1986. Lesly Brown was his girlfriend for a few years and married her in 1989. Pat has 2 children, a boy, and a girl, from Lesly. 

Pat Sajak: Career Path

While working in a hotel as a clerk, he furthered his education at Columbia University. Apart from the hotel work, he worked at a radio station. Upon his graduation, he joined the army doing a radio show for the Americans fighting the Vietnam War. Pat hosted An Officer and a Movie for a short while until one day he quit. Pat Djed, worked as a voice-over artist for Today Show and worked as a weatherman briefly before stumbling upon Wheel of Fortune in 1993. 

That was his biggest hit 

While hosting the show, Pat Sajak was featured in several Soap Operas in a limited capacity. Additionally, he never really did say goodbye to radio and did radio features with celebrities like Dan Le Batard. 

Pat Sajak Net Worth 

Coming from a financially unstable background, Pat understands the value of money. He started working at a very early age and throughout his life, he has been able to accomplish a lot, financially. From his TV appearances to his full-time job at Wheel of Fortune to his assets that include his one mansion and a lavish LA home, his overall worth is quite something. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the veteran host, film producer, and radio personality Pat Sajak net worth of around $70 to $72 million. 

There are rumors of Sajak retiring from Wheel of Fortune. If it’s right, he can enjoy his retired years in peace doing everything he loves owing to his fabulous net worth.