Promoting sustainability in your home

Savings for Home

As the colder winter weather settles in and temperatures continue to drop, now is the perfect time to consider the efficiency of our homes.

With a global focus on sustainability at the moment and COP26 negotiations ongoing, there are ways you can do your bit towards the fight against climate change, simply by making a few changes to how you run your home. Alongside this, you can also make huge savings on your bills in the process – and having a little extra cash at Christmas would come in handy!

In this article, we explore the different changes we can make to promote sustainability in our homes.


Upcycling is the process of taking old, unwanted, or second-hand furniture and revamping it to give it a new lease of life. It’s a great hobby to take up if you care about the environment, as repurposing old furniture prevents it from ending up in landfills.

Not only is it a way to channel your inner creativity productively, but it can also be a side business if you sell your upcycled wares. As you’ll need to invest in stock and other relevant equipment to get started, be sure to carefully consider your financial situation before making any large purchases.

Utilizing charity shops

When shopping for your new home, it can be extremely tempting to hit all the home stores and buy brand new products. But why not consider calling at local charity shops or second-hand furniture stores instead? Not only is this a more sustainable route, but you can also find bespoke pieces that nobody else will have in their homes for much cheaper prices.

Invest in a smart meter

Investing in a smart meter is another great winter saver: they show you exactly how much energy you’re using around your home and whether there’s room for reducing overall fuel consumption.

These handy devices also ensure more accurate bills by regularly sending your energy usage to your utility provider.

Of course, ensuring your home is energy efficient will greatly aid in utilizing your smart meter to the full.

Avoid using your dryer

We’re all guilty of using our tumble dryers more often than we should, but why not swap to a drying rack instead? Trying this for a month can be a great experiment to check your monthly bills to see how much you can save by making this switch.

What’s more, we usually tend to have our heating cranked up in winter, so this makes for perfect toasty drying conditions in our homes at this time of year.