Shabbat Decoration with Sterling Silver Candelabras

Image Credit: Pexels

Traditionally, sterling silver candelabras are part of Jewish home decoration during Shabbat and other festivals. With multiple arms to hold candles, silver candelabras really enhance the elegance of the home in the evening and nighttime. Besides their artistic value, the sterling silver candelabras have also a great significance in Jewish culture. Jews have certain religious beliefs regarding the Shabbat celebration. Every Friday, they gather together to celebrate Shabbat with friends and family and enjoy a lightful and alluring evening with the decoration of candelabras.

The sterling silver candelabras are mainly used during the Kiddush prayer on Shabbat eve. Jews believe that the light of candelabras will enlighten their heart and dispel the darkness. Even if you are a non-Jew, you can not deny the beauty of the sterling silver candelabras. To know more about Sterling silver candelabras, continue to read this article.

Shabbat Ritual and Jewish Tradition

The English translation of the word “Shabbat” is “he rested”. “He” refers to God and it talks about the time when God took a rest after six days of hard work to create the whole universe. The seventh day is the day of Shabbat. This religious story is an inspiration for Jews. They also try to work hard for their family the whole week and they celebrate on Friday during Shabbat Eve. This is also the Thanksgiving Day for Jews. They show their gratitude to God for his creation of the universe.

The Shabbat ritual is important in Jewish people’s lives as they can get a break from their work and meet their relatives and friends. Together they participate in Kiddush prayer, wear traditional dress, and eat their religious food dishes. On this day, every Jew looks beautiful and their homes look elegant with large sterling silver candelabras.

Sterling Silver Candelabras

It’s a rabbinic tradition that Jews celebrate Shabbat Eve by lighting up the candles. They light up all the candles of the candelabras once the Kiddush prayer is completed. During the prayer, Jews close their eyes and when they open their eyes, they see the light from the candelabras.

A candelabra consists of multiple arms, generally five arms. However, it can also have seven arms as the famous Menorah candelabras have seven arms. Manufacturers recognize the importance of sterling silver candelabras in Jewish rituals and this is why, they make various types of elegant candelabras. Usually, a candelabra consists of silver metal as Jews prefer this metal. Besides that, silver is also a durable metal.

How to Purchase Sterling Silver Candelabras?

When it comes to purchasing sterling silver candelabras, online shops will be the most efficient option for you. Online shopping not only helps you to save time but also lets you choose a candelabra from a variety of available stocks. More importantly, you can compare the prices of the candelabras by visiting different online stores. There is no need to physically visit the marketplace and spend much time and effort purchasing the candelabras. Besides decorating your home with sterling silver candelabras, you can also gift them to your friends and relatives.