Shameless Season 12: Was the Show Terminated? Or Renewed?

Shameless Season 12

While the “Shameless” series said goodbye in 2021 after 10 years of a magnificent journey with 11 seasons, fans are not willing to accept that the eleventh season was the final season of Shameless. “Never say never” are the words of the showrunner, John Wells for you. So, are we going to have Shameless Season 12, or the show be terminated completely? Here we have some important information for you.

It’s more than a decade, fans have been witnessing the ups and downs of the Gallagher family. Over a span of 11 seasons, fans have built a great bonding with the Shameless season. So, it’s hard to accept that the show is terminated. The Shameless series first appeared on January 9, 2011, and the finale episode of the eleventh season aired on April 11, 2021.

The Showtime TV series Shameless portrays the story of Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic father and single dad of six kids. The story reveals how the siblings cope with their alcoholic father and grow up together. Frank made his kids’ lives harder with his alcoholic addiction. However, they learned to survive and become independent with the support of their elder sister, Fiona. Throughout these years, fans observed various cast members grow as adults from kids. So, when Showtime terminated the show with the 11th season in an unexpected way after the death of Frank, it eventually upset the fans.

Will There Be a Shameless Season 12?

Official Status: Showtime announced that the Shameless season is terminated after 11 seasons. Therefore, the 11th season was the show’s final season with an official description “The Las Call”. The final season states that Gallaghers are departing with a big bang. With the upcoming changes, they may either rise strongly or fall on the road. However, one thing is for sure they will never grow apart.

Even though the showrunner, John Wells has no plans for Shameless Season 12 so far, he does not rule out the possibility of a revival of the show. In an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”, John Wells stated that while many shows and characters are getting revived now, you never know what would happen in the future. He also admitted that he loves making the Shameless show and he would be very happy if he is to make another season. However, they have surely no plans for Shameless Season 12.

Shameless Spin-Off Movie:

Even though there is no Shameless Season 12 for you, Showtime has released “Shameless Hall of Shame” – a series of six episodes for its viewers. This mini-series depicts the journey of the characters throughout the eleven seasons. The release of this series is an excellent way to end the show and say goodbye to its viewers.

Shameless US Vs. Shameless UK:

Shameless US is the most popular adaptation of the Shameless story. However, the original Shameless was a UK show that ran from 2004 to 2013. So, if you have already seen all the seasons of Shameless US but want to watch more of Shameless, you can watch the original Shameless series on Hulu. The original Shameless series also received huge love and appreciation from fans in Britain.

The Cast of Shameless Season:

Below are the main characters and the cast of the show, let’s have a look-

Frank GallagherWilliam H. Macy
Mickey MilkovichNoel Fisher
TishChelsea Alden
Terry MilkovichDennis Cockrum
KermitJim Hoffmaster
Arthur TippingJoshua Malina
Veronica FisherShanola Hampton
Deborah “Debbie” GallagherEmma Kenney
Scott BradMichael Campbell
Ian GallagherCameron Monaghan
Liam GallagherChristine Isaiah
Carl GallagherEthan Cutkosky
Franny GallagherParis Newton
Tami TamiettiKate Miner
Kimleigh SmithSgt. Stamps
Patrick McGillMichael Tommy
MartinPatrick Sabongui
Elise EberleSandy Milkovich

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I watch Shameless Season 11?

You can watch season 11 and other seasons of Shameless on the official website of Showtime. You can also watch Shameless Season 11 on Amazon Prime.

Why is Shameless rated R?

The Shameless series is rated R because the show depicts drug use, nudity, and sexual activities.

Is Shameless Season 12 coming?

Shameless Season 12 would not come as Showtime announced season 11 as the final season.