Striking Tag Heuer Watches to Add to Your Collection

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Tag Heuer is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that has had a great reputation since its founding in 1860. Their watches are fashionable, functional, and practical. Their high-quality timekeepers are a result of decades of experience. Their designs are stunning, and their movement is accurate. Head on over to Tag Heuer and get yourself the perfect timepiece

Tag Heuer can accommodate anyone with their timekeeping needs. Watches for the deep, for the dinner table, or the store, Tag Heuer provides. We chose eight watches that we feel best represent the variety of pieces that the Tag Heuer collection can offer. Their designs are classy, sporty, and anything in between.

Tag Heuer Series: Aquaracer Professional 300 Black and Silver-Lacquered 43mm Men’s Watch

This stainless steel Tag Heuer watch is the perfect accent to look dashing and outstanding anytime and anywhere. The black bezel puts a great emphasis on the beautiful silver-lacquered dial, differentiating it from the rest of the overall silver watch. In addition, the dodecagon bezel creates an interesting face for the timepiece. Perfect for formal events, this striking watch is the perfect partner for your next event.

Tag Heuer Series: Monaco Blue 39mm Men’s Watch Watch

This watch sports a unique square case that creates an eye-catching silhouette. In addition, this piece has a charming blue bezel and red details that contrast beautifully, allowing for a pleasing aesthetic and easy reading. It also has two square subdials making for an interesting face. This stainless steel watch is the perfect piece to add a little spice to your everyday look.

Tag Heuer Series: Aquaracer Blue and Black 43mm Men’s Watch

This beautiful stainless steel watch has an eye-catching two-toned dodecagon bezel. The blue and black bezel greatly emphasizes the blue sunray brushed dial. The simplicity of the indices of the watch balances perfectly with the loudness of the other features. In addition, the stainless steel case and band have a great simplicity and silence that works well with the watch’s face.

Tag Heuer Series: Formula 1 Black 43mm Men’s Watch

This piece leans more on the sporty side of the spectrum. This watch is practical, mature, and tactical. The black and silver color palette of the watch has a serious quality to it, while the details and complexities of the watch’s face create a beautiful loudness to it. This watch is adventurous, energetic, and perfect for those who are just as bold and confident as the piece itself.

Tag Heuer Series: Carrera Black and Rose Gold 41mm Men’s Watch

This stunning watch has a sleek and curved silhouette. The stainless steel band and case create a lovely base that contrasts dramatically with the black dial. The black dial also has a beautiful contrast with the rose gold indices and hands, making for an incredibly charming aesthetic. Overall the entire piece is subtle, sophisticated, and elegant.

Tag Heuer Series: Connected Stainless Steel Blue 45mm Men’s Watch

This stainless steel watch is perfect to tell a statement. This watch is bold and confident by design. The stunning blue bezel of the large 45mm case attracts eyes towards the busy face of the watch. The numerous complexities of the watch’s face create an alluring and loud aesthetic for the timepiece, but the stainless steel band and case balance it all out.

Tag Heuer Series: Link Black Dial Diamond Bezel 32mm Men’s Quartz Watch

This watch has the iconic S-shaped bracelet of the Tag Heuer Link line, among other things. In addition, it has a sparkling black dial with rose gold details. The rose gold and diamond indices, as well as rose gold hands, create a charming color palette when partnered with silver and black. It also has a diamond-set bezel that is the defining feature of this piece.

Tag Heuer Series: Carrera Green 39mm Men’s Watch with Black Leather Straps

This watch has an alluring teal dial that stands out next to the silver casing. When paired with the silver casing, the black leather straps create a charming and classy sense to the piece. Overall this watch is beautiful and enchanting, creating a wonderful timepiece that is a must-have. Thanks to its beautiful dial, this watch stands out from the rest of the crowd.


Tag Heuer has a wide selection of watches that works well for any event occasion or activity, whether it may be a formal or casual one. Each detail of every piece has been carefully looked after to ensure high-quality, top-performing, stunning watches. You don’t have to look twice when taking a look at Tag Heuer watches, timepieces made by master craftsmen with decades of experience.