How will the study of mental illness help solve the world’s problems?

Mental Health

Mental health has a long history of being under the spotlight. And the perspectives on it have changed drastically over the years. Starting with Sigmund Freud and the psychoanalytic paradigm who shed more light on the unconscious mind and ended up with modern psychotherapists who talk about motivation and productivity.

A mind is a vast place. It is both powerful and full of flaws. And studying it comes with a great challenge for those who choose this domain. Why? Because mental health begins to gain more momentum, to be on the lips of many people. But it is also affected by all the changes in one’s environment. So, how will the study of mental illness help solve the world’s problems?

Science Helps Solve Social Problems

Even though many people still run away from therapists and have a lot of stereotypes and prejudices about the people that go to therapy, things are slowly changing. Everyone has problems and issues in their lives. Not all people have a mental illness per se but have other problems that affect the quality of their life and social relationships.

It is therefore important to help people understand what they are going through, even though they do not go to therapy. Conveying the message about mental illness to the general public is very important. Thanks to the fact that GradesFixer collected many mental health argumentative essays, anyone can check these free examples at any time. The essays are available online and they can give you a chance to become more social and understand what you’re going through.

Anxiety and Depression

Well, if you take a look at how the past couple of years have unfolded, you can see that they are full of huge and important events. All these can leave you with bitter feelings and emotions. Many people choose to not express these emotions or to find ways to silence them.

This, along with unfortunate events and negative thoughts can contribute to the development of mental illnesses. Over the years, this field has developed tremendously. More and more mental health disorders are described by specialists and considered illnesses, such as burnout for example. This is one of the world’s biggest problems that we still have to address.

However, among the most prevalent mental illnesses that are present in our society are anxiety and depression. To help the world, to help those who suffer from anxiety or depression, we need to take a deeper look into these problems. We need to study mental illnesses and cognitive development to find ways to cope with them, and of course, solutions.

Science can provide researchers and therapists, but also the general population with more information on these problems in society. What are the symptoms of anxiety or depression? Why are some people more prone to developing one or both of these mental health disorders? How can you handle your anxiety symptoms? These are, probably, just a few of the questions that people ask themselves. And science can provide the answers you are looking for. Answers were researched and tested before being offered as a coping solution.

Speaking of which, exercising is among the most recommended solutions. This together with spending time in nature, whether it is just walking, hiking, blogging, cleaning the trail of trash, and so on. Exercising is good for mental health, as it helps you feel better.

Exercising releases endorphins, which are also known as feel-good hormones. They are known to alleviate stress, act as painkillers, and make you feel better. And nature seems to have the same effect too, but for different reasons. It is about the green color that has a soothing effect. It is about the fresh and clean smell of trees and mountain air.

It is about many things, but science has shown that these solutions can indeed help you overcome challenging moments. And it’s not only about anxiety or depression but about a lot of other mental illnesses too. Taking a deeper look into their causes and symptoms, helps you understand the disorder fully.

Final Thoughts

Mental health is one of the most important things you need to care for. How you feel, both mentally and physically, will influence how you behave and think. A lot of huge events take place all over the world.

The last two years were dominated by a global pandemic and today all headlines are about the war in Ukraine. These certainly come with a negative mental effect for many people, so finding ways to cope with them becomes mandatory. Science can provide people with the solutions they are looking for. Science can help solve the world’s problems.

Bio lines: Angela Boggs is a content writer and journalist. She writes on a variety of topics, among which are psychology and mental disorders. Angela spends her free time reading books.