Tekashi 6ix9ine net worth, life, career, and more you need to know

Tekashi 6ix9ine net worth

Tekashi 6ix9ine a.k.a Tekashi69 or 6IX9INE – an American rapper. Most widely known for his rap style, social media influence, trials, and his tattoos. 69 is amongst the most controversial rappers in American history. Further, Tekashi69 currently known to have a net worth of close to $ 8 million. The rapper has always had bad blood with the police. He also got into custody for indulging in sexual misconduct with minors in 2015. In the years to come, he charged with carrying weapons, drug use, and racketeering. Currently, he is under house arrest after receiving a reduced sentence from the country. After he agreed to testify against his gang members.

Early life and rap career

Originally named Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi69 was born on May 8, 1996, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. Daniel until the age of 9 lived with his mother. After which, he united with his father who, a heroin addict, did his time in prison until then. Continuing his tragic life, the death of his stepfather who got shot dead on the streets of New York. With no stable source of income, Daniel and his family suffered. Depression along with psychological damages, a part of Daniels’s struggling childhood. Initially, he worked a daily wage job in a grocery until his music shot him into popularity at the age of 16.

Peter “Righteous P” Rogers served at a top position in one of the leading record label companies. Peter discovered Tekashi69 at the place of his work and became an instant fan of his rap. Between 2014 and 2017, Tekashi69 released various singles and albums under the label with the first being “69”. His albums didn’t create the necessary hype. Surely got him a place in the underground rap community. It was in 2018 when he launched Day 69 of which “Gummo” became an instant hit and topped the charts at number 6. “Keke” and “Kooda” followed ranking in the top 10 and 20 of various US charts. Tekashi69 signed several deals ranging from $15-20 million with record labels and companies including Birdman’s RICH GANG company.

Charges Filed Against Tekashi69

Although gifted with amazing rap culture, Tekashi69 has had his fair share of courtroom trials and controversies. Charged in 2015 for engaging in sexual activities with underage individuals. However, he got a warning, given three-year probation, and not registered as a sex offender in US law. Arrested again after three years in 2018, for an attempt to murder among other charges including drug use, carrying arms, and racketeering. He agreed to cooperate with the law in 2019 and got house arrest in return for testifying against his gang members.

Tekashi69 net worth

Rising from the streets to become a known personality in the rap community, Tekashi69 is a self-made millionaire. Further, considering his royalties from the albums, YouTube as revenue, and Spotify, his net worth at $8 million. He signed a confirmed record deal with 10k that amounted to $10 million. Takashi further signed a contract with GlobalStreamNow for $5 million last year.