Telescopic loader as a business project

Telescopic loader
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If you decide to purchase a UK telescopic loader for business, then the following information will be helpful to you.

In case you decide to apply to the bank for a loan to buy a telehandler, then you will probably need to have a business plan. It usually indicates the estimated price of the telehandler, as well as how the equipment will be used. Also, if the use of a new or used telescopic loader will generate income, then the estimated income from the use of the car is indicated – this may affect the number of credit funds issued.

First of all, you should decide how exactly you intend to use a telescopic loader UK for business. The most popular options are:

1) Purchase or rental of equipment for own use in order to earn money

2) Buy a telescopic loader for subsequent rent

3) Purchasing a car, but special staff will be hired to work

Market situation

A carefully crafted business plan will help calculate all future costs and benefits in the future.

Consider in more detail the option to buy a telescopic loader for rent. This is often a very good option if you are just starting out as an entrepreneur because the demand for equipment rental is always high. Although even if we take into account a small average monthly load of equipment, the profit still looks quite impressive. But still, there are pitfalls in this industry. Accumulating a customer base for a beginner at the beginning of the journey is sometimes not easy, because there is quite a lot of competition in this area. Many large companies that rent special equipment already have their regular customers, who are not always an easy task to lure away. There are more and more companies providing such services every year.

On the other hand, even if you work independently on a telescopic loader UK, in order to get the maximum profit, you will need to invest in advertising your services, which is also an important expense item that must be taken into account when drawing up a business plan.


Buy a telescopic loader for a business that can be opened at different scales and with different initial capital. It is not so important how much equipment you are going to purchase, the way of earning that you have chosen is not even so important, in any case, you become an entrepreneur.

Sometimes at the initial stages, it is worth considering the purchase of used telescopic loaders – in this case, the price of equipment will be lower, and the fleet will be larger, but you will have to take into account the high probability of an increase in the cost of repairing special equipment and possible malfunctions. If you want to buy a new telescopic handler, you should expect a large initial outlay.

How to write a business plan before buying a telescopic loader?

First, you need to calculate the expected profit that you are counting on. We recommend not overestimating the bar in this matter, since not all conditions for business are always ideal. So, you should take the average rental price in the market and calculate the approximate demand for the month. At the beginning of your business, you should expect that the demand for services will be below average, take this into account when drawing up a business plan.

In order to get the maximum benefit in your business plan, you must take into account all possible items of expenditure.

Often they include:

  • Transportation costs
  • Price of special equipment (for used telescopic loaders, possible maintenance and repair costs should be taken into account)
  • Tax deductions
  • Wages to employees (if any)
  • Security alarm
  • Garage rental
  • Advertising costs
  • Telehandler insurance
  • Communal expenses

Also, for security reasons, expensive cars are often equipped with tracking devices to control the movement and location of vehicles. 

Although this option can be considered for used telescopic loaders.

You will need to include additional cost items that may arise in this list as well.

It should be borne in mind that a very significant advantage of buying used telehandlers is that even after use they can still be sold for a good amount.