Teresa Fidalgo Story: Is the Internet Ghost Story Real?

Teresa Fidalgo

With the progress of the internet, information has become easily accessible. However, one must always be cautious about falling victim to misinformation. It’s not only about those people who create fake stories but also about us, who love to listen to supernatural stories or myths and tend to believe in them. The Teresa Fidalgo story is one such urban legend that first went viral on different social media platforms, managing to scare many people. One of the main reasons behind the rapid spread of the chilling ghost story of Teresa Fidalgo was that people were threatened if they did not share the story; Teresa’s ghost would allegedly visit them.

So, who was Teresa Fidalgo? What happened to her? Is the internet ghost story of Teresa Fidalgo real? Or, is it just a folk tale that went viral on the internet like wildfire? Stay tuned with us to know the facts and the fictional part of the internet ghost story of Teresa Fidalgo.

Who Is Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa Fidalgo, the name that made people’s hair stand on end, was a Portuguese lady who died in 1983 due to an accident in Sentra, Portugal. While the young lady died three decades ago, many believe that her restless spirit continues to roam on that road in Portugal. The belief in her ghostly presence gained fuel when a video went viral on the internet in 2003. In the video, we see a group of three friends traveling in a deserted area, and suddenly they encounter a woman in a white dress standing in the middle of the road. The woman approaches their car and asks for a lift. The group then decides to let her in.

The lady does not talk much except for stating that her name is Teresa Fidalgo. Out of the blue, she points at her destination and states that this is the place where she died in an accident twenty years ago. Then the camera moves in the opposite direction to show her face, and the lady screams, causing the car to crash. Everyone dies in this car crash except a man named David. However, later when asked about the incident, David could not explain what actually happened that night.

Later, the video quickly goes viral along with a message that actually serves as a threat. The message states that if anyone does not share the video, Teresa Fidalgo will allegedly visit them and ensure that they rest in peace in heaven. The message also claims that one girl lost her mother after ignoring the message. So, does the video depict a real-time incident or a scripted film? Is the ghost story of Teresa Fidalgo true, or is it just an urban legend? Let’s find out the truth behind the video.

The Creation of Fidalgo Ghost Story:

The video of Teresa Fidalgo was actually written and produced by a Portuguese content creator, David Rebordão. In February 2003, David, along with his friends, developed a film named “Virus.” He even admitted later in an interview with Channel TVI that he completely made up the story based on some folk tales. Despite David’s statement, many people still believe that the Teresa Fidalgo ghost story is real. This is probably because they do not know that the video is scripted.

Is the Internet Ghost Real?

It is natural for people to have doubts about urban legends, and Teresa Fidalgo’s story certainly attracts skepticism. For those who seek evidence and think scientifically, believing in ghosts can be difficult. However, many of us find fascination in ghost stories, including tales like Teresa Fidalgo’s. This fascination often stems from our upbringing, where we were exposed to and perhaps encouraged to believe in supernatural powers through various media, particularly horror movies.

There is no evidence to support the Teresa Fidalgo story. It’s our fear and fascination with ghostly tales that helped the Teresa Fidalgo video spread out on the internet. We should think rationally whenever we hear these types of folk tales. We should also fact-check everything before believing in that. In the era of the internet, you can get the right information if you want to; you just need to refer to authentic sources. Don’t believe in ghostly stories like Teresa Fidalgo and stay rightly informed.