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That Which Flows by

Korean comic “That Which Flows By” is based on Eunbi Lee’s online book and drawn by Irang. The alternate name is “Dabi, flowing dizzyingly.” The Korean manhwa was on “Naver Webtoon.” A Soft Cone project.

The popularity of this manhwa has led translators to post it in English on several websites. The translated version contains 27 episodes, while this manga has 40. No genre defines the story—it blends history, drama, romance, and fantasy. After Webtoon releases new episodes every Friday, other manga reading services duplicate it.


That Which Flows By is a compelling Korean manhwa about fantasy, adventure, and mystery. This series, written and drawn by “Mangong” anonymously, has received notice since its introduction. In a universe where mysterious powers control life, their protagonist seeks to understand this power.

The manhwa depicts a wonderful world where magic and mystery mix with daily existence. That Which Flows by transports readers to a world of intriguing people, secret motivations, and unexpected turns via magnificent artwork and nuanced writing.

As the protagonist navigates a civilization molded by this mysterious energy, they meet friends and foes with different goals. Further, Power, fate, and existence are examined in a world on the edge of change.

Its captivating story and stunning visuals make That Which Flows By an amazing voyage into a world where truth and imagination mix, leaving readers anxiously expecting each new episode to solve the riddles.

Important Characters Of That Which Flows By

  • Sena: Sena, the protagonist, can interact with Fae. Moreover, the narrative revolves around his self-discovery and adventure.
  • Fae: Mysterious, mystical creatures from “That Which Flows by.” Their capabilities and skills vary by size and form.
  • Supporting Characters: Sena meets many friends and foes that shape his path. Further., these individuals include fellow travelers, mentors, adversaries, and intriguing figures with unclear motives.
  • Allies: Sena makes friends with people who help him traverse the Fae realm and provide assistance.
  • Adversaries: Sena meets strong opponents who test his determination and talents with comrades. Moreover, the opponents range from competing Fae summoners to strange beings with their own goals.

The Show Timeline

As Sena travels through the Fae realm in That Which Flows by, a sequence of interrelated occurrences changes her. After discovering his capacity to converse with the mysterious Fae, Sena embarks on a journey of self-discovery. 

Sena meets allies that help him traverse the Fae realm, creating friendships and camaraderie. Sena uncovers the Fae’s nature and origin as he fights powerful enemies who want to use their power. 

These battles challenge Sena and make him face the darker side of the Fae realm, helping him grow and learn. Sena faces his greatest struggles and finds his Fae connection in a final encounter. 

These insights conclude Sena’s search and open new doors, ending a thrilling story of adventure, mystery, and personal development.

Personality Traits of Dani & Gyeol in the Story



Dani’s intense curiosity defines her. She loves to travel, learn about other cultures, and solve Fae mysteries. Further, as she searches for answers, Dani takes chances and explores new ground, propelling the story.


Dani is hopeful despite her perils and hardships. Further, she thinks people are nice and that even the worst events may turn out well. Dani’s positivity inspires her friends to keep going.


Dani has great sensitivity and compassion. She quickly understands others’ feelings and comforts them. Dani’s sensitivity helps her form strong bonds with humans and Fae throughout the novel.


Dani is brave in peril despite her naivety. Despite the dangers, she fights for her beliefs and faces hurdles. Dani’s fearlessness motivates others to overcome their anxieties and conquer hurdles, making her a natural crisis leader.



Gyeol is quiet and austere. He keeps his emotions and ideas in check, staying calm even in stressful circumstances. Gyeol is quiet and careful, preferring to observe and evaluate events before acting.

Analytical Mind

Gyeol is analytical and strategic. He thinks rationally and considers all possibilities before making a choice. Gyeol’s analytical approach helps him see patterns and connections that others miss, making him a useful group member.


Despite his reservedness, Gyeol is very devoted to loved ones. He loves his pals and would do everything to defend them. Gyeol will always support his buddies, no matter what.


Gyeol is self-reliant and relies on his talents to survive. Further, he likes to work alone and could be hesitant to ask for assistance. Also, Gyeol’s self-reliance comes from pride, self-confidence, and a drive to succeed.

5 Other Mangas like That which flows by

Tower of God” by SIU:

One of the most famous webtoons is ‘Tower of God’, a story of a young boy who is called Bam. Moreover, his life takes a new turn as he enters the mysterious Tower which contains various challenges, tests, and maleficent opponents. 

Moving on, there is world-building full of details, characters well-developed and a plot filled with many surprises to be seen and experienced in That Which Flows as in Tower of God. 

The protagonist’s journey to find answers and discover who she really is is similar to “That Which Flows” which is why it is a must-read for fans of this genre.

The God of High School by Yongje Park

The God of High School” is another series of webtoons that has some similarities with “That Which Flows.” It is about a group of high school students who take part in a fighting competition involving a supernatural power, ancient secrets, and several opponents. 

Moreover, the combination of spectacular martial arts effects, fantasy figures and emotional story really makes this series exciting to watch and reminds one of the plot of the legendary novel That Which Flows.

Solo Leveling” by Chu-Gong and Jang Sung-Rak

“Solo Leveling” is dedicated to the story of Jin-Woo Sung, a weak hunter who acquires the possibility of levelling up and growing stronger thanks to an accidental event. He embarks on a quest to become the greatest Hunter, then finds out the dark sides of the world and encounters formidable enemies. This series is linked to “That Which Flows” through the common exploration of supernatural powers, secret worlds, and the hero’s quest of self-development and enlightenment.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by Lee Do-Gyeong and Nam Heesung

In this manga, a young man named Weed embarks on the biggest adventure to become the greatest sculptor in the virtual reality MMORPG “Royal Road.” Moreover, as he faces different challenges and makes alliances, he discovers the game’s hidden secrets. 

Analogous to “That Which Flows,” this series is also full of fantastic world-building, plot twists, and motifs of exploration and self-discovery within fantasy settings.

The Beginning After the End” by TurtleMe and Fuyuki23

This manga chronicles the journey of King Grey, a charismatic ruler, who is reborn into a fairy tale world of magic and monsters following his demise. He experiences a new life adventure as a boy with magic powers, and he learns, explores the world and discovers himself on a journey of growth, adventure and self-discovery. Due to this composition too the show shares similar motives of reincarnation, magic, and the hero’s journey to reveal the mysteries of his past and his destiny.

Some Spoilers From The Season

Episode 1

The legendary manhwa begins with King Seon Lee ordering his men to return General Gyeol Seo to Hanyang. Further, all his court members oppose this choice and ask the monarch, “Why would you have a ruffian like him in court? His politeness and sensitivity are lacking.” 

Seon Lee becomes enraged and slams the table by stating that Gyeol left home too early for a crime he didn’t commit. King wishes to reward his loyalty.

Dani is presented next in this chapter. One of two persons trekking in icy mountains is local. He invites the stranger to Qin Tea Shop. Moreover, Dani, the shop’s lovely owner, speaks Korean and many other languages.

This episode has Dani scaring a child with “the ghost of the north.” A Josean border guard is said to slay all foreigners. Conclusion: Dani recalls his grandpa, who died two years before. She prays for peace.

Episode 2

Dani’s life changes in this episode. She attempts to hide from troops who assault her business, but it burns down. Dani seems afraid since she doesn’t want to confront the North ghost. She finally becomes stuck in the burning store.

Further, she is saved by General Gyeol, who questions her identity. She fakes being from Josean. The General saves and takes her.

Episode 10

This chapter displays Gyeol’s tea establishment, which is crucial. New character: Gyeol’s senior Dabi and housemaid. Further, Daniola must master all the sophisticated tea-making techniques to impress a master.

Master Gyeols urges everyone Dabi to wash their hands in this manner to remove the scent. Daniola finds this handwash unusual since her hands get numb. She then offers tea to his master and inquires about its taste. He insults her and says he doesn’t care about taste and smell.

Further, Dani misses her mother and imagines talking to her grandpa at the conclusion of this episode. She makes the greatest tea for Master Gyeol so he will praise her.

Episode 11

That glides by with one of its most lovely scenes. Further, Gyeol takes a bath in a flimsy bathrobe in the first portion, and Dani brings tea. Moreover, he attracts her and makes her frightened. Dani feels sorry for Gyeol as she serves tea and sees his wounds.

When the protagonist asks about the scars, he becomes irritated and pours tea over her clothing. However, he has warm feelings for her. Gyeol feels she can see past his wounds; something about her bothers him.


What is That Which Flows about?

That Which Flows follows Sena, a little boy who learns he can interact with Fae. Further, his experiences reveal Fae secrets and his identity and mission.

Who made That Which Flows?

Toonmin, a skilled South Korean artist, developed “That Which Flows by” with compelling narration and amazing artwork.

What genre is That Which Flows?

That Which Flows By is a fantasy, action, and adventure book. Further, it provides an immersive experience with magic, mystery, and intrigue.

Where do you read That Which Flows?

You may avail That Which Flows By on numerous webtoon platforms and manga websites, such as LINE Webtoon and Lezhin Comics.

How frequently do That Which Flows By chapters arrive?

Based on the platform and creator’s update schedule, “That Which Flows” may release. However, new chapters usually arrive on a month by month or biweekly basis.