The 7 Key Business Practices Being Adopted In 2022

Business with happy employees

2022 has already been a successful year for business, and it looks like this strong performance is going to continue through the coming months. At the start of 2021, there were around 5.5 million small businesses in the UK. This success must have come from somewhere, though. Modern technology has improved the speed at which we can communicate with each other, and this has been a big factor in business for the past few years. However, this has nothing to do with 2022 specifically.

If you look hard enough, you will find that the recent success in modern business has come from the new practices that are being adopted. Let’s look at some of these practices to see whether you should adopt them moving forward.

Using Sustainable Materials

There has been a big push toward using more sustainable materials in the last ten years, and for a good reason. These eco-friendly materials are better for the environment, and they could save you money in the long term as sustainable tools are often reusable.

However, sustainable materials are being used more in 2022 because people are now starting to see the effects of this switch that started almost a decade ago. The benefits of using sustainable materials are apparent in recent times, which has led to a third of UK shoppers demanding greener products. Let’s hope that this trend continues and sustainable business practices continue long after 2022 is over.

Customers Have The Power

The business world has always viewed the consumer as the most important factor in making a sale. This is where your profit comes from, after all. Therefore, if your customers are unhappy with the service that you provide, you won’t be making any money. Unfortunately, customer communication has often been scarce. For a long time, you couldn’t tell whether your customers were dissatisfied until your sales numbers started to decrease. By then, it is far too late to make the appropriate changes. But then again, how do you know what changes to make? Now, however, the customer can provide instant feedback to companies using online platforms, including social media.

Social media started out as a means for teenagers to socialize with one another. at least, that’s how the initial platforms were marketed. In 2022, however, you are far more likely to see top businesses and advertisers using popular social media platforms to get their messages across. What’s more, these sites allow businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time, gaining feedback and improving on performance to suit the consumer rather than obeying marketing trends. If your business is not on social media, it is probably wise to get an account this year. You can quickly appease your customers in real-time, which is why the power has reverted back to the consumer.


While the business sector is thriving in the modern age, employment statistics have been in flux over the last few years. The economy has switched its focus toward technology, and there are a lot of people out there that do not have the skills or the means to keep up with the rapidly changing trends. It is slowly getting easier on the job market; however, the average applicant is likely to only receive one job interview for every eighty job applications submitted. Therefore, some people can find themselves between jobs for long periods.

As a result, most companies are looking at outplacement to solve this issue. Outplacement is a process where the current company tries to help redundant employees find new work that suits their skills so they do not have to face unemployment. A company like Randstad RiseSmart can provide you with more information on this topic, but outplacement is a good, ethical practice to learn in these uncertain times. It allows you to support your employees directly. It also allows you to improve your brand’s reputation.


Artificial intelligence is one of the newest technologies that employees need to keep up with in 2022. AI is used in almost every office in modern business, and it is capable of processing billions of data without error. Therefore, you will find that you can exponentially improve the performance of your business with a simple switch to AI systems.

The use of artificial intelligence frees up your staff to focus on more important tasks, increasing their productivity and removing human error from some of the more important daily activities. AI can be used to calculate and distribute employee pay, predict market trends, and even interact with clients via customer support systems. 2022 might seem like a very futuristic year, but artificial intelligence is something that is going to stick around for a long time to come. Who knows what else it will be capable of in just a few short years?

Company Culture

A job is no longer just a payslip to people in the modern age. Employees want to enjoy their work, and you will find those who do will perform much better. Happiness in the workplace is completely subjective for some; however, most businesses choose to increase their employee satisfaction by introducing a company culture.

The idea behind company culture is to treat your office more like a place of comfort, rather than just a place of work. This culture can be achieved in many ways, but it starts by encouraging your employees to connect. An online work platform can help your employees chat, solve problems together, and share their thoughts to bring everyone closer together. You may also want to provide perks and reward success within the company, highlighting the achievements of those around you.

Basically, company culture should make everyone feel valued in the business so that they are happy working under your roof. This environment will also make them less likely to leave the company for another job.

Remote Working

Businesses have only been able to find success in the last few years thanks to remote working. When it gets difficult to meet with your colleagues, modern technology can provide you with the means to communicate across the internet. This means that you can distribute key projects and still have them completed on time by your staff at home. Also, your staff has the means to communicate with one another without delay, keeping your business running from afar.

However, the benefits of remote work do not stop there. Recent studies suggest that employees prefer working from home as it is more comfortable. Nobody enjoys a lengthy commute, after all. What’s more, the remote nature of a business allows you to hire people from all over the country, or internationally, to give you access to the best team members possible. As a result, working from home has become the norm in 2022, and it doesn’t look like company offices are going to need to reopen their doors any time soon.


Staying successful in business requires you to move with the times. Everything listed in this article details how business works in 2022, but it is also an indication of how business is going to look in the future. Make sure you have these practices down, and your business can remain profitable in the years to come.