The Best SEO Link-Building Strategies to Improve Your Website’s Authority

SEO Link-Building Strategies
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How can you make your website rank at the very top of Google Search’s results? A way to do this is by having a strong link-building strategy in place. Link building is a powerful digital marketing tool that consists of getting other websites to link to articles or content on your own site. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the more valuable and authoritative your domain becomes. And so, major search engines like Google will rank you higher on their results. This translates into more website traffic, revenue opportunities, and sales.

In what follows, we break down four effective strategies to get high-quality backlinks.

Claim unlinked mentions

Oftentimes, an article or publication may mention your brand, product, or service without including a link to your website. This is the perfect opportunity to drop them a line politely requesting proper link attribution. Not only will this significantly improve your domain’s authority, but it will provide readers with a better experience, allowing them to learn more about the mentioned brand. In this sense, it’s a win-win solution.

Tools such as Mention, BuzzSumo and Google Alerts are great for this particular strategy as they notify you whenever your brand or product is mentioned on another site.

Reach out to journalists

Journalists are constantly on the lookout for subject-matter experts to provide insights or commentary on newsworthy topics as they add credibility and support ideas.

Content managers can reach out to reporters with the views and opinions of the company’s founder, CEO or any other authority figure. A link to the company’s website will be typically included within the article.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out), is a tool that facilitates this process by connecting journalists with sources. After signing up and selecting the industries you’d like to subscribe to, you’ll receive periodic emails from journalists requesting advice, recommendations or insights on specific topics for news articles.

Find broken links

Broken link building refers to the practice of looking for broken external links on other websites belonging to your brand’s niche and asking the webmaster to replace them with a link of your own. Your link must be relevant to the article and the context so it is logical to add it there. This helps webmasters fix the error and improve readers’ experience.

SEO Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Siteliner can help you identify websites that contain broken, outbound links. Once you’ve selected the websites you wish to contact, send them an email explaining that you have an excellent resource to replace the broken link.

Hire professionals

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy casino backlinks, you may want to look into companies like QWERTYLABS. Such services are specifically tailored to create campaigns and backlinks catered to each brand. They will be in charge of the entire link-building process from beginning to end by contacting high-quality sources to producing content with backlinks to your website.

To conclude

Link-building is invaluable for boosting a website’s online presence and generating more traffic and potential sales. Claiming unlinked mentions, reaching out to journalists, finding broken links and hiring professional services are some of the best methods for improving your link-building strategy.