The Importance of Having an Effective Contact Page

Contact Form

A contact page on a website can result in conversions. It’s possible that you may permanently lose a potential customer if you do not generate the final click on the contact page for a visitor who has had a good experience up until that point.

In order to get users hooked on your or your client’s business, you must encourage them to move from being somewhat interested to totally captivate. In addition to helping the visitor take the next step with a well-designed contact page and as well, html contact form can also represent a final indication of the quality a company needs for their visitors.

The Importance of Having an Effective Contact Page

In most cases, a contact page is a key component of the website. To ensure that you hit the “submit” button, pay attention to these nine items.

Limit the Amount of Information Required

A contact form is less likely to be filled out by a user if you ask for more information from them. If you need more information, just ask.

Draw a Dividing line between the Forms

When forms are bound by a bounding box, users can quickly see which parts of the form are interactive and easily understand what they are doing.

Embedding a Google Map

As a physical company, it makes sense to help users locate their addresses. It’s important for e-commerce businesses to present a physical address because it adds credibility. Most users — 87% — will check the right navigation area for a link to the Contact page.


Additionally, adding a link in the footer of the page will help its visitors find it, even more, those who first browse the site and then search for contact information.

Websites that make it difficult to locate the contact page can be bad business because it might seem as if they have something to hide or don’t want to be interrupted. As a result, they won’t give an appointment and no one will purchase.

Incorporate Social Proof

If you want to build credibility, add testimonials, security emblems, your number of years in business, and more elements that give users confidence.

Brand Yourself

The majority of potential customers will search multiple tabs within the same browser, which may seem silly. Make sure they know who they will be contacting.

Helps Users Enter Data

Input fields and selectors provided by the user interface (UI) assist the user in entering data. Your chances of receiving the information you want increase the easier it is for them to give it to you.

Preserve Simplicity at all Costs

A mobile device always wins by being simple. For your form to be usable on a mobile device, it must be bigger.

Provide your Cell Phone Number

Because many companies fear that they will be contacted all day, they do not include a telephone number. As with Google Maps, a phone number adds credibility to your company and makes customers feel safe with their personal information.

Privacy Statement should be Added

Provide your company with a guarantee that all user details are kept confidential. Building trust is a good thing.

Guided data Entry Into the Form

User interface elements make it easy for your contact page visitor to provide you with the requested data.

Including the optional fields is not ideal since they seem like malicious attempts to obtain information.

Make sure that you clearly indicate the “required” fields so that you don’t repeatedly receive incomprehensible error messages.

Errors must be notified before “sending” and must be accompanied by directions on how to fix them.

Include an explanation of how to proceed when requesting information that could cause confusion. The visitor might leave if he or she has been misunderstood.

Defining the Target

In order for your contact page design to be consistent with your objectives, you must clearly define what you hope to accomplish with it:

  • Queries about your services
  • Sale of your products
  • Offer free consultation
  • Get contacts on social networks to promote your company


A website’s “about” page may include the “contact” link.

I believe it is better to separate the web contact form from the “about” page as it allows exposing a wide range of topics.