The Importance of Wearing Protective Gloves at Work

Protective Gloves

When you are working in a workplace that deals with harmful chemicals and other materials, it is essential to wear protective gloves in order to keep your hands safe from contamination and infection. Protective gloves keep your hands safe while carrying out potentially dangerous work. Even though some workers consider that it is difficult to work with gloves and wearing gloves is unnecessary, the benefits of using gloves to protect your hands from injuries are not ignorable. The protective gloves can fulfill different purposes, for instance, cut resistance, electrically protective, chemically protective, infection control, and many more. This article will help you learn how important it is to wear protective gloves at work.

Protection against Infections and Allergies:

Wearing gloves can really protect you from the reaction of the chemicals and materials with your hands. However, depending on the material and danger involved in your work, you should choose different types of gloves. For instance, you should wear rubber gloves to have protection against slight corrosive materials. Whereas nitrile gloves are suitable to protect your hands against most infectious agents and chemicals. If you are working with oils, solvents, slight corrosive materials, you can use neoprene gloves. However, it is essential to avoid latex gloves because this material can cause the development of allergies in many people.

When Should You Wear These Gloves in Lab Work?

There are many chemicals in the lab that can burn through the skin and therefore if you are working with any chemicals, radioactive materials, or infectious materials, you should always wear appropriate gloves to prevent your hands come into contact with these materials.

Protection Against Injuries:

In the case of construction works, your hands and fingers are exposed to a variety of injuries, such as cuts, abrasions, electric shock, and chemical exposure. Therefore, construction gloves are essential personal protective equipment that you must wear at your workplace. Construction gloves can be of different types, such as leather, Kevlar, canvas, fabric, and rubber gloves. These gloves can protect you from different types of injuries and therefore, the design of the gloves depends on the purpose of use.

When Should You Wear These Gloves in Construction work?

If you are doing construction work, you should wear gloves in order to protect your hands from different hazards, such as severe cuts or lacerations, severe abrasions, skin absorption of harmful substances, punctures, thermal burns, chemical burns, and harmful temperature extremes.

Why Do Hand Injuries Occur?

Most hand injuries occur because of not wearing hand gloves by the workers. There are multiple reasons why workers do not prefer wearing safety gloves, such as inaccessibility to the suitable type of gloves, concerns for being unsuccessful to complete the task while wearing gloves and not having appropriate sizes. Wearing protective gloves can significantly minimize the risks of hand injuries. However, if the workers do not have gloves suitable for both the job and their hand size, they are more likely to take the risk and proceed without them.