Top 6 B2B Lead Generation Techniques to Use in 2023

Business 2 Business
Image Source: Pexels

The B2B lead generation has emerged as a major marketing tool as you compete in a crowded marketplace for your products and services. Your actions on lead generation also give you an exact picture of market demand for your products and services.

According to a report, the B2B lead generation services market revenue was $2100 million in 2022 and is likely to touch a 4000 million USD figure by 2028 at a CAGR of around 12.50% during the aforementioned period. No doubt, B2B lead generation has a huge scope of growth prospects in the coming months.

Business to Business (B2B) segment is completely different from the business-to-customer (B2C). Here, you have to target clientele related to your business nature. Therefore, the marketing method should be different. If you adopt target-based lead generation techniques, you can generate more trade or business queries.

Here are the top B2b Lead Generation Strategies to follow in 2023:

Content Marketing:

In the B2B segment, you should do profiling of your commodities and services with the help of different social media platforms. By doing this, you are directly touching your target audience. You can give graphic, photographic, and visual descriptions of your services and goods. If the target audience finds them useful, there is no reason why you cannot generate a lead. 

Email Marketing:

This is a potent method to directly contact the end users of your products and services. First, you shortlist such entities and then resort to a mass mailing with a profile of your products and services, a price list mentioning the comparative price benefit they can get from you compared to others producing goods and services of the same nature. You create a distinctive mark for your company by mentioning delivery adherence and other benefits that you may extend.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

SEOs are essential for B2B business outfits. Many buyers or procurers of different B2B goods and services tend to research what they need on the Internet. If your SEO methods are robust, you can easily generate a lead. No wonder SEO is now the buzzword for b2b lead generation purposes. Keywords in SEO can be helpful for publicity and online promotional campaigns.

Social Media:

As social media has emerged as one of the strongest means of product or service campaigning, you should sprawl on different platforms to grab customers’ attention, trying to source their requirements for business purposes.

Almost all B2B companies are always viewing social media platforms to find companies, suppliers, vendors, and providers of different services that may be useful to them. Your presence in such outlets brings you to the eye of such searchers. This can widen your marketing scope.

Video Marketing:

The growing number of business platforms engaged in the B2B segments are currently doing their marketing through video posts in different media outlets.

One of the biggest benefits of this method is that you are showing your product in operation (product functions, operational methods, and live demonstration) and adding audio to explain it. As a result, your product comes directly under the preview of the prospective buyer. This helps your marketing process to become easier.

Livestream events:

This is fast developing as a potential way to reach clients. If you hold an event for your company on the occasion of a new product or service, take this opportunity to live telecast so that you can contact persons who matter in your B2B business. 


B2B marketing has its methods. You have to shortlist the users of services and goods produced by your company. If you can effectively target such companies through the means described above, you can certainly gain success. Most B2B companies are engaged in niche areas.

For example, a shoe company would require leather and tanning materials. If you are into the tanning or leather supply business, your primary concern is shoe and related accessories business units (like leather bag makers).

Your end users should be first identified, then shortlisted, and finally approached using the above methods. If you generate leads, you can also convert them into actual sales. Mind you; personalization plays a major role in B2B marketing.