Top High-Paying Jobs You Can Have In The UK Without A Degree

High Paying jobs in UK
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The success of a professional life depends to quite an extent on your education and training. This is why students give their all to colleges and universities to have a good career after the end of their academic career. 

But the sad part of it is not everyone can have a college or university degree. Multiple reasons can be attributed to it. The first can be a need for more financial issues. Surmounting education expenditure can be one of the problems. Even at a higher age, one may not have the enthusiasm to study any further. 

-Are you searching for a high-paying job without a degree? 

The article discusses some of the high-paying jobs that you can get, even if you do not have a degree.

Top High Paying Jobs That You Can Have In The Uk Without A Degree

There are several career paths where you do need experience more than education. These paths allow you to earn a handsome living in the UK. The UK economy is recovering from its ailing conditions after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to an expert view, it will take more than a year and the entire until the end of summer in 2024 for the economy to reach the pre-pandemic levels in 2019. But the process has already begun. This is the high time for you to grab a job. Here is a list of job opportunities that you can get in the UK without a degree. 

1. Estate Agent 

The estate agents buy, sell, and rent out a property that may either be residential or commercial. It is one job that involves high income. You do not need a university degree to get hold of these jobs. 

All that you need is experience and knowledge of the real estate sectors. You do not need a degree for the initial stages, but an Estate Agent and Personal Development Training can help you find a strong foothold in this job. 

The maximum salary for this kind of job is around £49,000. This is quite a good salary considering the fact that you do not have a degree. 

2. Firefighters 

The firefighter job is also among the jobs that include resilience, tough physical activity, experience, and training. Educational degrees do not really matter here. The firefighter job is filled with risks and uncertainty, but you have a good salary. 

The station managers can earn around £30000 annually, and the income can go beyond £40000. The fire fighters’ salary, on the other hand, can go upto £40000. 

3. Entrepreneurs

What about a job where you are completely in command of everything that goes there? Yes, we are discussing entrepreneurship. The UK is a hub of entrepreneurial development as the new business ecosystem is quite strong in an economy of high propensity. 

So you can start with an interesting and new idea. Nothing would be better compared to it. You need financial assistance and a business idea, and you do not need any business degree. 

Another core asset that you need is a competent team of workers. Now hiring is a strenuous job for small businesses; that’s the impediment. Do not worry; you can get the services of hiring people, one of the leading flat-free recruitment organisations in the UK. They can prepare job descriptions and other requirements on your behalf to build your workforce. 

4. Nutrition Coach 

The health and fitness industry is quite strong in the UK. Youths in the country are highly aware to visit the gym and take physical exercise training. You can work as a nutrition coach or an advisor who provides input, training, and guidance to the individual or the small groups on food and drink.

To become a nutrition coach, you do not require a university education. But Level 3 Nutrition training can be helpful for you as you progress in this field. The average salary of these professionals is £36797, and the highest salary can reach upto £44000.

5. Computer Games Taster

The craze for computer games is only increasing with time, and the industry is booming. You can be a computer games tester. 

Their work is to check if the games work efficiently and report broken bugs. You do not really need a university degree but writing and communication skills. The average salary for these jobs can be around £31090, and the highest salary can go upto £40000. 

6. Car Repair

If you have a passion for cars and their spare parts, then you can be a good mechanic. The job does not require a degree but your immense passion. If you are really good with your hands, you can really have a good opportunity to work in this business. 

You need to get training in car repair from a good training institute, which can help you excel as an individual in this field. There is always a high demand for good mechanics everywhere in the UK. You must have passion and patience, and you can make a good earning from these jobs. 

7. Life Coach 

They are trained professionals who aim to provide guidance and advice for clients to reach or exceed their personal and professional goals. To become a life coach, you do not need any qualifications. 

But to want to excel and increase your potential in this field, you need to be qualified in a Level 3 Life Coach course. It can increase your earning too. The average salary for these coaches is £ 270000 annually, and the highest salary of these professionals can reach upto £44000. 

8. Air Traffic Controllers 

To be an air traffic controller, you do not need a degree from a university. But you need three years’ training to get a control licence. The authority that provides the licence for these services is the National Air Traffic Services (NATS). 

The job is interesting and provides you with the opportunity to be a part of the aviation industry. That’s really interesting, to say the least. The starting salary of this job is £ 17000 whereas with experience it can reach upto £50000.  

What Else?

Apart from these jobs here, you can also work as a hazardous waste manager, sales manager, construction manager, and others. 

These jobs do not need any degree but experience and skills. If you have the skills, then you can do well in these fields and earn a good income.