Twitter cannot be returned

Twitter Followers

We can notice that information about the emergence of new social networks and instant messengers are constantly appearing on the news agenda. Users quickly become familiar with new services and switch to them because they want something new and more convenient. The world is developing and technologies are not standing still, but the leaders of the old social networks are not happy with this development of events.

Unfortunately for the developers and leaders of Twitter, this service is losing its relevance among users every day. However, not all bloggers should panic and stop maintaining their accounts. In this article we will tell you why maintaining an account on this service is still relevant and why many bloggers do not even have to buy Twitter followers to this day.

Why Twitter is losing the battle with other services

Now users like new formats that are created literally every day. For example, the TikTok video format is the main trend of the Internet today. The younger generation prefers to quickly switch content tabs and not linger on long videos and posts. Therefore, for example, YouTube and Facebook faded into the background.

On Twitter, this trend has been around for a long time. Users have always complained about the limitation on the number of characters in posts, on the design of the social network, and so on. Today, during the surge in popularity of other services, Twitter is clearly losing out due to its unwillingness to adapt to trends and introduce new formats.

Does Twitter have a chance?

Due to the fact that there are only short posts on Twitter, this service has a chance to remain relevant among a young audience. In addition, the platform wins over Instagram because you can post links and gifs in posts there. This is very important for bloggers because they can easily post effective ads and grab the attention of users.

In addition, the ability to attach pictures to comments under tweets is important for many users. There is still no such function on Instagram, and most likely the developers will never add it. For these reasons, we can say that Twitter is far from the worst service on the social media market, and it can still fight for leadership.

Should we wait for Twitter to return to the top?

Most likely, this service will no longer be the leader among social networks, because now there are new sites and others will appear. However, you should not write off this social network from accounts because active users do not leave this service and continue to subscribe to interesting accounts and read the news there.

If you already have a Twitter account, then you should continue to maintain and develop it because you can use this service as the main way to earn money. In addition to generating income, you have the opportunity to show your creativity there and realize your potential.

Of course, if you want to achieve great popularity and get a response from a wide audience, then you should choose Instagram or TikTok to promote your blogs on the Internet. However, even so, Twitter may remain just another service where you post content.