Which German travel agencies are reliable for a trip through Germany?

trip through Germany

Searching for a reliable German travel agency that can provide leisure and business options? Sifting through a ton of websites online will probably help you find a well-known company but they might not all arrange accommodation or sightseeing tours. Therefore, this article will take a look at a list of travel companies located in Germany for anyone looking to travel throughout the country, whether it be for leisure or a business trip.

Leisure Travel Companies


AllCamps is a camping holiday company that provides holiday park destinations across Germany. This Dutch business is a member of SGR, a Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money. Furthermore, it is international with destinations such as shorelines in Istrien, the medieval villages of Lubeck, and stunning alpine peaks in Wetterstein and through Europe.


Trafalgar is an internationally known travel company that offers tours and travel packages throughout the iconic site of Europe. For Germany specifically, Trafalgar connects guests with Baroque architecture, woodlands, forests, and quaint villages. Additionally, for people looking to do museum tours, this travel company provides tours to famous German museums throughout Berlin and Munich. Moreover, this company provides a few recommendations for the best food to try in Germany.

Holiday Check

Founded in Munich, Germany, Holiday Check provides travellers with last-minute daily deals, travel protection plans for flight cancellations, and an on-trip tour guide. Additionally, they offer trips to destinations across Germany, Greece, Spain, Africa, and stretching to Asia. Furthermore, Holiday Check has grown quickly into one of the biggest travel and vacation portals in Germany.


Weg.de provides holiday packages for individuals and group travellers. From snow trips in Medebach to castle visits in Bavaria, Weg.de tries its best to provide everyone with a flexible travel experience. Furthermore, this holiday portal company sticks to its mission of offering new standards of travel technology, simplifying the booking process and improving overall customer experiences. With that in mind, Weg.de has an all-in-one website where customers can book flights, hotels, cruises, and activities on their website. 

Travel Scout

Travel Scout is an online-only purchasing tour company. Germany-bound, Travel Scout offers a widespread range of all-inclusive packages, last-minute offers, and themed holidays. In addition, customers can filter their searches by choosing between half-board, breakfast, and all-inclusive options. Furthermore, this holiday company provides car rental options for road trips through the booking portal.

Exodus Travels

Exodus Travels is a global operator known for its options between classic and exotic destinations across the world. This tour company focuses on providing themed adventures, and discovery tours of local cultures. Furthermore, Exodus Travels offers cruises and self-guided packages for groups looking to take a holiday. With trip destinations from Passau to Vienna, the agency allows people to have real and carefree travel experiences. care-free.

Business-Oriented Travel Agencies


If anyone is looking for an end-to-end solution solution for modern corporate travel, TravelPerk is an ideal contender. TravelPerk’s main offerings include flexible booking services such as flights to Germany, hotels, and transport all on one platform. In addition, the business travel platform provides corporate professionals with a list of travel requirements for their departure to Germany and return from the country. Furthermore, businesses can save up to 30% on their business travel expenses including VAT reclaim and reports. 


Mydays is a business travel company that focuses on incentive travel packages throughout Europe including Germany. With a selection of experience options, the company caters to employees, customers, and business partners. With packages for city trips through Berlin and Munich, Mydays will organize arrival and departures, transfers, and hotel accommodations for a minimum group size of 15 people. Furthermore, their incentive travel focuses on giving employees and business owners a break from the hustle and bustle.


CostSaver is another travel agency that caters to corporate travellers. The company focuses on creating unique experiences by arranging sightseeing trips for individuals and companies. From fairytale castles and forests to charming villages and Gothic architecture, CostSaver can help corporate professionals turn the real world into a fantasy land they’ll never forget.


Planning a trip to Germany goes hand in hand with choosing a reliable travel agency because you want to ensure that you have a calm and enjoyable experience. By comparing the services and packages offered by the travel agencies listed in this article and referencing them with a few reputable customer reviews, you’ll be well on your way to having an unforgettable travel experience, that offers peace of mind and excitement throughout the process of booking and travelling.

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