White Glove Logistics & the Sectors it Services

Unloading From Truck

Technical logistics as an industry is booming, as businesses integrate new tech into their processes and in this article, we take a look at some of the business sectors that need technical logistics.

Banking & Finance

The latest generation of ATMs is transported, installed, and maintained by white glove technicians, who are approved to work in the industry. Major banks have contracts with major white glove logistics providers that service and manage all their ATMs within a specific radius or region. Note counting machines and counterfeit scanners are also under the umbrella of tech logistics. This means there are technical logistics across Europe that support banking services and they are on call 24/7 to repair malfunctions.


Hospitals would not be able to operate without white glove logistics support; highly technical equipment such as CT and MRI scanners must be handled with great care – these huge pieces of equipment must be handled and placed in the final resting place. This is quite a challenge when you are installing a machine on the 9th floor of a busy hospital and a lot of planning goes into the project, with final mile delivery handing the equipment to the tech logistics team who are responsible for the entire operation.


There is a global trend to get in shape and the next time you are in your local gym, all the equipment was installed by a tech logistics team. The service includes collection from the manufacturer, installation, and setting up of the equipment, while also teaching staff how to manage the network. If you are planning to start a business, click here.

Mass transportation

Access control systems you find on the London Underground are all managed by white glove logistics teams; airports, train, and bus stations also have access control systems in place, as do sporting venues. Technicians regularly attend seminars where they learn about new equipment coming into circulation; the manufacturer will not allow unapproved personnel to handle their equipment, which is understandable with a very expensive tech kit.


We’ve all seen the huge digital advertising boards and it won’t be long before all restaurants incorporate touch screen menus; this equipment is handled and managed by technical logistics and they are very busy installing facial recognition systems in large stores. Retailers rely on barcode systems that keep track of inventory and these systems come under the technical equipment label.


  • Automation is not just the future, it is here now and any manufacturers are already fully automated; white glove technicians manage the robots and make sure the production line keeps going. Technical logistics might well be the fastest growing sector in 2022; if you have a flair for electrical stuff, you could train to be a white glove technician and enjoy a long and rewarding career.

We are moving into a new dimension of global connectivity with low-orbit 5G satellites and the Internet of Things, which is good news for the tech logistics industry. Without these tech support companies, 21st-century businesses would not be able to operate.