Whitney Scott Mathers: Why Eminem Adopted Her? | All you need to Know

Whitney Scott

Rapper Eminem has long been considered one of the best in the business. Despite the reality that we all admire his rapping abilities, he is an intrusive father. However, did you know that in addition to the two previously stated, Eminem has one more daughter? Of the three Mathers sisters, the youngest, Whitney Scott Mathers, is one of the persons being talked about here.

St. Joseph, Missouri, the birthplace of Whitney Scott Mathers, was where she made her debut on the world stage on April 16, 2002. Even though she is often referred to be Eminem’s kid, she is actually the love child of Eric Hartter and Kimberly Anne Scott.

She celebrated her 19th birthday only a few days ago. In the near future, Whitney’s high school career will come to an end. Whitney is presently staying with Eminem and his two children, who accepted her into their household. One of her numerous advantages is that she has two fathers and four grandfathers.

Why Eminem Adopted Her?

Whitney had a terrible childhood since her parents weren’t always there for her. They were preoccupied with their own issues, and Whitney’s upbringing was not given any consideration. Her biological father, Eric, was also unable to spend a lot of time with her as a child due to his constant infractions of the law.

Kimberly also developed a drug dependency and sought help from a doctor on several occasions. Even the necessities like bread and butter were becoming too expensive for her as her financial position worsened.

Eminem decided to adopt his daughter because her mother was also unable to care for her due to her substance abuse, and her biological father was in jail for a criminal violation. Eminem’s childhood was full of struggles, and he doesn’t really want future generations to experience them. This is why he chose to adopt Whitney and provide for her well-being in the future. He finalized the adoption of Whiney Scott Mathers in 2005.

Whitney and Eminem’s Unbreakable Bond

In his music, the slurred-out rapper portrays himself as emotionless and macho. But when it comes to being a dad, there is no one else in the entire globe who can match him in the arena. When it comes to romantic love, there is no substitute for a strong emotional bond between the two persons involved.

For the last several years he’s been raising Whitney with the help of his biological daughter Hailie as well as another adopted daughter, Alaina. The father of three girls, though, has always treated them equally. Whitney revealed in an out-of-the-ordinary interview that Eminem was the perfect father for her because of their close friendship.

Interesting facts about her 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_CwBi7BrTd/
  • As she has said in the past, Whitney Scott Mathers has been attracted to both men and women. Since so many people are continuously watching, she found it difficult to talk about these issues online. In 2019, she finally found it in herself to speak in front of a crowd.
  • Whitney Scott Mathers combines the last names of her mother and father, Marshall, to form her full name. They allegedly made this decision.
  • As an animal enthusiast, Whitney regularly posts photos of her posing with snakes and other reptiles. Eminem is widely held responsible for this since he shared her love of exotic animals and it is possible that he was the one who exposed her to them.
  • The similarities between her and Hailie, the half-sister she looks up to, make her feel that she has a friend in her. When their father is out on tour, they look forward to spending time together and getting to know each other better.
  • When it comes to celebrity crushes, Whitney is no different from most other young girls. Brad Pitt is her favorite actor, and she’s watched almost every one of his films many times.