Why take advantage of custom software development in 2023?


Even though open-source platforms are rapidly growing nowadays, custom software development keeps us flourishing thanks to its enhanced functionality and using multiple services in a single platform.  Custom application development service implies specific obligations, satisfying your company’s individual needs and considering businesses’ long-term objectives. 

At PNN Tech, we have extensive experience in creating custom solutions of different complexity to optimise the workflow of particular industries or enterprises. So, we know how to define main focus areas, plan development iterations and establish efficient collaboration. In this article, we will share tips on creating a custom application and dwell on its main benefits.

What are the main advantages of tailor-made solutions?

  1. More robust security from various cyber hazards, including phishing and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. 
  2. Intellectual property rights and gaining further updates or software modifications if required. 
  3. Saving funds as the solution is based on your infrastructure. 
  4. Full access to vendors, implying quick solving of any issues along the way.

Which trends impacted custom application development? 

  1. Cross-platform applications. The shift to cross-platform technology is caused by high-performance and speedy development. 
  2. On-demand applications. Thanks to an excellent and interactive user experience, such solutions help achieve a more substantial market niche. 
  3. Enterprise mobile applications. This kind of solution, focuses on optimising multiple work processes and improving the performance of employees

How to build up a reliable custom solution from scratch?

Think of a portrait of your ideal end-user

Successful collaboration presupposes defining your future clients’ profiles. Correspondingly, you will gain insights into desired functionality set and UX features.

Create prototypes based on your ideas

With the help of RAD methodology, software engineers will deliver interactive prototypes for further testing. Your task, by that point, is to provide vendors with consistent and honest feedback. 

Launch MVP — a minimum viable product

The step is essential for getting feedback from stakeholders and a larger number of end-users. For MVP, the necessary array of features includes constant upgrades, robust encryption and security compliance. 

Evaluate the performance of your app

Ensure that the solution works seamlessly on all operating systems and from all devices. Depending on users’ feedback, deliver extended functions as your business evolves and grows. Another significant part is maintaining QA processes continuously.

PNN Tech solutions and services for various business sectors

At PNN Tech, we provide clients with existing solutions and services customisation, consisting of a range of procedures:

  1. Creating specific Management Systems’ instruments and integrating them into a technological set for meeting end-users’ needs.
  2. Strengthening existing functions and UX/UI by adding cutting-edge technologies (AR/VR, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.)
  3. Delivering additional services for particular groups of customers. 

If your company strives to achieve a new level of productivity or solidify your market position, think about digital transformation. You may find our portfolio on the PNN Tech website. If you need further consultancy on future collaboration, feel free to contact our team: