9 Reasons Why the RN-MSN Program is the Right Choice for You

MSN Program
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Maybe you’re wondering if earning an MSN is worthwhile. Being hesitant about such a considerable time and potential money commitment is reasonable. I have to admit that when I started my MSN degree to become a nurse practitioner, I had the same worries. I questioned whether the cost and sacrifice would be worthwhile long-term. After reading this post, you will discover the solution, which lists nine reasons why earning an MSN is worthwhile, and making the option to further your nursing education will become apparent to you. Are you interested in an RN to MSN program? Visit https://academicpartnerships.uta.edu/programs/rn-to-msn.aspx.

Provides Access to Additional Career Possibilities

A master’s degree in nursing opens up many career opportunities beyond the nursing field. Employees with a master’s degree are needed in several areas. By broadening your career options, you could be able to enter the private sector and work in jobs like safety director, health coach, director of quality improvement, or manager of community services, to name a few.

Better Pay

According to recent research, a nurse’s pay rises with experience. A nurse with a BSN degree typically earns $73,000, but a nurse with an MSN degree, depending on speciality, may earn $90,000 or more. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, NPs, nurse midwives, and nurse anaesthetists earn an average salary of $117,670 annually. One of the main benefits of earning an MSN degree is a higher salary.

Better Hours of Work

Compared to RNs, most advanced practice nurses have better work hours. Hospital and office NPs must still answer calls, although they often don’t have to work as many weekends or late hours as staff RNs. For MSN nurses who choose other specialities like teaching, writing, or research, their hours are often predictable, and they are not required to work outside regular business hours. This is one of the main justifications for nurses earning an MSN degree, especially those with families or who prefer working 9 to 5 hours.

Enhanced Autonomy at Work

You will have more freedom at work thanks to your advanced degree since employers will recognize it and your knowledge. Because more and more states are giving nurse practitioners complete practice power, they are particularly enjoying greater flexibility to work autonomously. An MSN degree is worthwhile since it allows you to work with less supervision, which is a terrific experience and increases your sense of success.

Getting an MSN Degree Is Not Hard

There has never been a more straightforward way to earn an MSN degree. Colleges are trying to make the procedure as simple as possible for potentially interested nurses because RN to MSN bridge programs and MSN online programs are readily available and in direct competition.

Have a Successful Business

Would you like to be your boss or work as a nurse to earn a large salary? Then starting your own medical company can be a successful and fulfilling alternative. There are many choices for MSN nurses with an entrepreneurial spirit who have the guts to launch a nurse-owned firm.

More Extensive Knowledge Base

For the gratification of expanding their nursing expertise, several nurses pursue an MSN. A better nurse improves the standard of patient care and possesses extraordinary nursing abilities in many areas, including leadership, physical evaluation, and developing the practice of nursing. This is the result of having a solid foundation in advanced nursing.

The Military May Hire You as an Advanced Practice Nurse

For positions in all areas of nursing, the military is looking for nurses with an MSN. Nurse anaesthetists, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives are all needed.

Increasing Employment Possibilities

Last but not least, plenty of jobs are available for nurses with an MSN. Since there is a need for all nurses, those with more education and specialization in particular fields are even more sought after by potential employers. In addition, advanced practice nurses are more suited to keep up with the advancements in medicine given the rapidly evolving medical and technical landscape of healthcare, which makes them in demand in the nursing employment market.

It certainly seems as though earning your MSN is a win-win situation and worth the work to reach your long-term nursing ambitions.