XMR price prediction 2022: Will XMR price surge by $300 soon?

XMR price prediction

The cryptoverse is known to be the home to many projects that employ peer-peer technology. Yet one such crypto that is known widely is Monero or XMR. It is well-known among users for its features that are privacy-oriented. It has been built on one of the very unique blockchains. It makes the details of transactions anonymous. It is done by disguising all addresses participants use.

Unlike Bitcoin, Monero mining does not need any extra high-end hardware. It can be done on conventional computing devices. Yet what can be expected from Monero later? Will the price of Monero surge or fall over the coming years? Here is the prediction of the price of XMR for 2022 and the upcoming years. You can start your trading experience with the Brexit Millionaire platform.

Price prediction of Monero for 2022

The price of Monero was initiated this year with a $250.29 price tag. It was the local top of this week. Monero price could never pick up steam from all resistance. It led to the altcoin that took a fall of 28 percent to $178.96 by January 10th.

Yet, this altcoin took another plunge. Now it is at $136.48 at its bottom. It was seen on January 24th. After it moved sideways, until February 4th, the price increased to $186.17 by February 9th. The price of Monero fell down to $132.47 its quarterly bottom on February 24th.

There was tension around the geopolitical unrest between Russia and Ukraine. Also, some anxiety existed regarding the rate hike of the FED. The price has been seen to script an inclining upward movement. It led to the quarterly closure of the altcoin at $212.62. But the second quarter appeared to be very ruthless for this crypto industry. The price of Monero ranged in collaboration with the wider market. It is now down by more than 56 percent from its yearly top.

Price prediction of Monero for 3rd quarter

With some noteworthy collaborations, acceptance, and an increasing user base, its price may propel to $157.8, the maximum. On the other side, one possible market dump along with negative criticism may clutch this price down to $115.5. $138.1 is the average trading price that is expected.

Price prediction of Monero for the 4th quarter

This is a crucial time for Monero. This is because it may prospectively create one new ATH. There are growing concerns regarding privacy along with security among many investors. The network will be hosting newer investors that can aid it in establishing its prospective $193.1 high.

The bears are out-weighing the bulls. It may suppress its price to nearly $143.3. It factors in the maximum and minimum price targets. The average price may settle at almost $172.9.

Price prediction for the upcoming years

Monero may find strong competition among rivals and some emerging protocols in the crypto industry. It may limit its price to $181.0 potential low. Increasing prominence along with developments, XMR price may claim its prospective $327.9 high. A balance among pressures of buying and selling may settle its price at $252.1

All yearning for security and privacy will only be rising higher in the upcoming years. Monero is a top player in this. It will be finding many buyers with the passage of time. 2024 will also mark the halving event year of Bitcoin. It may be propelling altcoins to greater heights. XMR may steal one pie.

In this case, the price of XMR may be propelled to a $512.6 maximum by 2024’s end. Factors such as increasing inflation numbers along with regulatory clampdowns may haul the price to nearly $279.6. This said, one equilibrium in pressures of buying and selling may land this altcoin at almost $399.

Yet few bullish trends may never be ignored. Eventually, the price may be trading at more than $853.3 by the year 2025. If the bullish, as well as bearish targets, are considered, the regular price may occur at almost $657.2.


Monero is a great option for investment in 2022. This is because it may be reaching one trading value of 562.02 by this year’s end. The price of XMR may be surging to $193.1 by 2022’e end.