What are the things you should know before your safari dune buggy in Dubai?

safari dune buggy
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There are many activities that you undertake to experience something wonderful, thrilling, exciting, fulfilling and memorable. Of course, if you planning to do a safari dune buggy activity, that is a brilliant thing. You should know that the city of Dubai is well-known and loved for its thrilling dune buggy safaris, but before you go ahead for this thrilling ride, here are quick things you must have in mind.

Proper Age and License

You have to ensure that you check the age and licensing requirements. Some operators may have somewhat age restrictions or need a valid driver’s license. So, make sure that you clear all these things in advance with the provider so that you don’t have to experience any disappointments later.

Safety is the priority

It is true that you are excited about your trip and adventure but what about safety? Have you thought anything about that?  Make sure that you always wear the provided safety gear – helmet, proper goggles, and even seatbelt. After all, when you are safe, you can have more fun and enjoy it to the fullest. What is the point if you haven’t worn the proper gear and all the time you are scared of falling or slipping from the buggy?

Proper Health Check

It is your responsibility that you are physically fit.  The point is simple, dune bashing can be really bumpy, and it is quite necessary to be in good health for an enjoyable and fun-filled ride. Of course, if you have any health concerns, it would be wise that you speak with a health expert or medical professional.

Do Booking in Advance

You know what, to secure your spot, it is a great idea to book your dune buggy experience in proper advance. Dubai is a well-known destination, and tours can simply fill up quickly. What is the point if you are sitting and thinking that you would go for this tour and look for bookings at the last moment and don’t find a spot? Such a thing would be disappointing for you.

Understand Your Buggy

It would be nice if you acquaint yourself with the dune buggy’s controls and even features before setting off. The more you know, the more enjoyment you can reap. If you understand your buggy well, you can experience fun and excitement to the fullest.

Ensure Sun Protection

The desert sun can be really extensive and intense. Make sure that you do not forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and even a hat to remain protected during the ride. You would not want your skin to get damaged massively right? So, be attentive and put some suncream on your skin before this expedition.

Try to Dress Comfortably

It would be nice if you wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. You could even get sandy, so make sure that you pick your outfit wisely.  After all, when you dress properly and as per the requirement of the activity, you experience more thill and fun.

Hydration is definitely a must for you

Don’t take it lightly because it can be dangerous otherwise.  You must know that the desert can be really dehydrating. Drink massive of water before, during, and even after your dune buggy adventure. What is the point if you are exerting too much and you are not hydrated? Such a thing can lead you to sickness.

Be Camera Ready

It is wise on your part if you bring a camera or even a smartphone with you to capture the stunning views. But remember, safety always comes first, so, secure your devices. You have to ensure that you hold your devices firmly.

Proper timing is a must

Make sure that you do consider the time of day for your safari. Morning and even evening are the two times when rides offer cooler temperatures and even gorgeous-looking desert sunsets. Indeed, you have to figure out if you can manage your time accordingly to experience the buggy ride in the desserts during the mornings or evenings.

Don’t take the guide lightly

It is your responsibility that you do listen to your guide’s instructions properly and attentively. They know and understand the terrain and are going to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. You have no idea how you will experience great fun and enjoyment when you do as per the guide’s instructions. 

Buckle Up for your Thrills

Ah, you must know this for sure. Dune buggies are somewhat specifically designed for off-road excitement. Make sure that you stay ready for a thrilling, at times even bumpy, ride over the dunes. After all, you can experience a thrill only when you do it the right way.

Look into the Cancellation Policies

You must have a proper idea about all the information before you pursue ahead with your ride. Understand the ride or trip cancellation policies of your tour operator. At times plans change, and it is great to know your overall options. After all, cancellation policy is critical if you have other urgent plans.

Regard the Environment

While you are having fun and enjoying the rides, make sure that you don’t leave behind the environment. The desert is a delicate type of ecosystem. Make sure that you leave no trace or unnecessary stuff on the deserts and in the surroundings.

Have utmost fun

Come on, it is definitely a different type of adventure for you but make sure that you enjoy it. Yes, most importantly, it is your chance to have fun and embrace the adventure. Dune buggy safaris are a distinct and memorable experience in the realm of or heart of the Dubai desert. After all, the ultimate goal that you have is to have immense fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest!


So, since you are now well-equipped with the tips, you can definitely have a fulfilling safari dune ride in the deserts of Dubai.  Just go for your dune buggy ride and taste something different, dynamic and unusual. After all, when you are spending on the trip or ride tour, you should know what and what should not be done to promise a safe, satisfying and charming experience.