5 Best Writing Apps to Make Your Dissertation Writing Organized!

Writing Apps

Writing your dissertation is perhaps the most challenging task in your entire academic life. It takes time to decide what topic to write and where to get information. Dissertations require a lot of details and you cannot rush in the writing process if you want to make your work presentable and quality. Hence, it’s necessary that you choose the right assignment master for the best results.

During the dissertation writing journey, writing apps help make your experience better. They help your work look neat, well-edited and cited. These five best writing apps will make your dissertation look organized. 


Latex was created to help students write technical and scholarly documents, especially when the document in question is big. It is open-source software with typing features that are customizable and often useful for Assignmentmaster

The application has no subscription fee but users are free to support its developers through donations. This is one of the apps for writing fast that helps writers to write in multiple languages, generate bibliographies automatically, type complex math formulas, and do slide presentations. 

Dissertation writers do not need to worry about controlling large documents that might contain tables, figures, cross-references, or sanctioning because latex has features to cater for that.

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Docear is another free, open-source application that can be used on several gadgets. During your dissertation writing process, keeping your information organized can be one of the greatest challenges. This application will help you stay organized, create, and discover academic literature. 

The application offers three key features useful in the dissertation writing process. These features are the recommender feature which recommends new literature during the research process. The app searches online and recommends information like academic papers that can help with better ideas. 

Its single-section user interface helps students keep their dissertation organized by sorting the information into categories, sorting annotations, and viewing multiple files. It also has the literature suite concept feature that contains several tools to help a student draft their thesis and assignments. 

How can students check the correctness of their dissertation online?

A student might find the process of writing a dissertation daunting, but with the help of apps installed in a gadget, you can not only structure the text, find the information you need but also check the correctness of the dissertation or order from a professional writer to write it. The dissertation proofreading service Uk. Edubirdie is a great example of how an outside perspective can help students write one of their most important scientific papers. It proves that when you cannot write due to various reasons, you can trust the online service to write a quality paper. 


Scrivener is the best fit for writers who do long writing projects like dissertations, novels, and journals. The application allows writers to compose text in any order they wish. From one blank page, a writer can put all their documents into a single application and view them on the same page. 

This is the best way to put all information from multiple sources together to keep referring to it in the writing process. Document editing is easy with this application by adding italics, bold, highlighting phrases, adding comments, tables, or images. 


BIT.AI helps when a student needs to collaborate with others in the dissertation writing process. The application has many features that help make dissertation writing easy and manageable. A student can bring all their files into one place and access them from any place globally. 

Using the app, students bring together their videos, audios, pdfs, literature from blogs, articles, and many other formats and refer to them easily. When working with teams, the application allows easy collaboration, file sharing, tracking progress, and sharing insights. 


Grammarly is one of the most widely used editing tools by students around the world. After weeks of writing, you need to correct grammar errors in your dissertation and this tool helps you achieve this goal. Using AI, the tool scans your dissertation, highlights all errors, and makes suggestions for the most correct word or punctuation to use. 

After scanning your work on Grammarly, it becomes more understandable and impressive. To use the advanced features, users must subscribe to the premium package to help make their writing much better. 


The process of dissertation writing can be long and tedious but with the help of writing tools, the process becomes easier and manageable. Some tools help you put all your sources into a single app and refer to them as you write. Other applications help you write an error-free paper, while others support collaboration with other students worldwide. There are many writing apps available online and all that a student needs to do is choose the apps that best suit their course and need.