How to Watch Doctor Who in Canada


Arguably Doctor Who is one the best-known sci-fi season on the planet, and it has been around for decades. The key to its longevity is an eccentric hero who changes his/her face after some time, gets new companions, and a ship; the Tardis takes them on adventures anywhere in space or time.

Where can I watch Doctor Who in Canada?

Every episode of Doctor Who since its return in 2005 is available on BBC iPlayer. The new season 13 of Doctor Who will also be available on the service soon for streaming.

How many seasons of Doctor Who have been aired?

Since its revival, there have been twelve seasons of Doctor Who, with the thirteenth season releasing soon. But if you include the older season and the eight Doctors that came before, then there are a total of 38 seasons.

Release Date

Doctor Who Season 13 will be available for streaming on Sunday,31 October 2021 on BBC iPlayer.

Doctor Who Season 13 Trailer

Doctor Who Season 13 cast: Who’s coming back?

Except for Christopher Eccleston, every Doctor since the revival has stuck around for three seasons, and Jodie Whittaker is going to honor that tradition.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jodie revealed that she would return for another season in the TARDIS. For a while now, there’s been some solid speculation that this will be Whittaker’s last season as the Doctor and will be leaving the TARDIS for good.

After leaving at the festive special’s end, ‘Revolution of the Daleks’, two of Jodie’s companion trio, Graham and Ryan, are no more. However, Yaz will be coming back for season 13. There are a couple of new faces to get excited about. Actor and comedian John Bishop will be joining the fold as a companion, Dan Lewis.

Jacob Anderson has also been cast as a character called Vinder, who joins the Doctor and her companions in their fight against evil.

Full Cast List:

• Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor

• Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan

• John Bishop as Dan Lewis

• Jacob Anderson as Vinder.

• Robert Bathurst

• Thaddea Graham

• Blake Harrison

• Kevin McNally

• Craig Parkinson

• Sara Powell

• Annabel Scholey

• Gerald Kyd

• Penelope Ann McGhie

• Rochenda Sandall

• Sam Spruell

• Craige Els

• Steve Oram

• Nadia Albina

• Jonathan Watson

• Sue Jenkins

• Paul Broughton

In July 2021, near the end of filming, both Whittaker and Chibnall announced their intention to leave the program following the season and three associated specials, to air by 2022. Chibnall explained that he and Whittaker had agreed to a “three-season and out” pact, and that “now our shift is done, and we’re handing back the Tardis keys”. In the BBC press release, Chibnall is quoted as saying: “I wish our successors – whoever the BBC and BBC Studios choose – as much fun as we’ve had. They’re in for a treat!

Doctor Who season 13 Rumors

Doctor Who: Flux is just around the corner and we’ll finally see which rumors are going to come true.
One rumor suggests that Captain Jack Harness, played by John Barrowman, might be making a return in the season. Some dedicated fans spotted a synopsis of a Captain Jack comic book tie-in that briefly suggests that would link closely with the Season 13-second episode.

More recently, a new enemy; Ravagers, have been mentioned a lot. They could be the new enemy that the Doctor will have to face.

Who has played the Doctor?

Starting with the original era doctors, the first actor to ever bring the Time Lord to the screen was William Hartnell, followed by Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and finally by the first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

What order to watch Doctor Who in?

If you’re a completist, you’ll want to start with the original season, which began in 1963. Still, many of these episodes have been lost because of a BBC policy of wiping old videotapes and reusing them. But if you’re looking to start from the 2005 revival season, then you can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

Who is the showrunner for Doctor Who season 13?

Jodie Whittaker is not the only one leaving at the end of season 13. Chris Chibnall would also be departing from his role as Doctor Who’s showrunner. He is still going to be in charge of the remaining episodes but will hand over his role to someone else after the final special. On Sept 24, we found that he would be handing over his to the returning Russell T. Davies. According to the announcement on the official website, Russell will be making an explosive return to Doctor Who to celebrate its 60th Anniversary in 2023 and future episodes.

How to Watch Doctor Who in Canada

All you need to watch Doctor Who season 13 in Canada is to follow the steps mentioned below:

• Subscribe to a good BBC iPlayer VPN.
• Download VPN and log in.
• Select a UK server.
• Go to the BBC iPlayer website.
• Search Doctor Who season 13 and start streaming.
• Now you will be able to access BBC iPlayer and watch Doctor Who in Canada!