5 Reasons Why Blockchain is Worth Getting Excited


Blockchain is a digital ledger that can store and authenticate a significant number of digital transactions.

Blockchain is not just the latest craze; it comes with huge potential to generate and disrupt the economy.

For starters, blockchain technology enables Cryptocurrencies. These digital assets of the new world encourage online asset trading through platforms like Bit Profit App that ensure security and anonymity.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger system that makes any digital asset’s history visible and unchangeable.

The blockchain’s original data and content cannot be changed once it has been written, increasing security. This indicates that all changes are being tracked in real-time and are entirely transparent.

What’s Exciting About Blockchain Technology?

As a new technology, and a complicated one at that, blockchain technology induced considerable excitement in the market. Here are some exciting points about blockchain—


This is one of the major features of blockchain that attracts attention at large.

Decentralization is the process through which authority and decision-making are transferred from a centralized body to a distributed network.

Decentralized networks try to make it less necessary for users to have faith in one another. Greater and more equitable service may be accomplished by decentralizing an application’s resource management and access.

None of the participants in a decentralized blockchain network needs to know or trust one another. A distributed ledger that contains identical data is shared by every member of the network.

Any tampering or corruption of a member’s ledger will be rejected by the majority of the members.

As one of the real-world examples, Contura Energy, a major coal supplier with headquarters in the United States, has relied on an antiquated letter of the credit system to handle its international trade payments.

On a decentralized, blockchain-based innovation that offers a more effective, cost-effective, and low-risk solution, they are collaborating with AWS.

Avoiding Payment Scams

A payment escrow system called the blockchain will shield buyers and sellers from possible fraud schemes.

Data-driven computer algorithms will use smart contracts to validate the legitimacy of each transaction. There is no corruption involved because the decision-making is entirely done by a computer.

Blockchains provide people with the capacity to own “things” without depending on a centralized authority to protect this ledger.

This is so that a network may be protected by miners who use energy while producing a cryptographic “glue” in the process. Most of the time, interrupting the blockchain is not worth the energy.

Scope For Stock Trading And Hedge Funds

This is exciting for all investors and technology enthusiasts.

A division of Overstock called Overstock.com hopes to use blockchain technology to facilitate stock transactions online. Distributed ledgers that are cryptographically safe are integrated with current trade procedures via the tZERO platform.

For the first time ever, it settled two stock deals on the same day in April 2021, making history. In addition, an impact investment platform has been developed by Numerai, which is supported by First Round Capital and Union Square Ventures.

Impact tokens offer incentives for particular actions and are coupled with smart contracts. 3,398 models and 23 million GBP worth of tokens were invested in Numerai as of Q3 of this year, with stakes yielding 15%.

Northern Trust and IBM formed a cooperation in February 2017 to deploy blockchain for private fund business purposes. The partnership’s solution offers an improved and effective method of managing private equity.

The transactions chosen and carried out by LendingRobot’s hedge fund are those that are visible in the public ledger.

Private investment fund transactions may now be completed with tremendous advances in efficiency and speed thanks to technology. Additionally, it lessens the need for labor-intensive data upkeep and human control.


You may utilize this technology as a platform to investigate various approaches because it is one of the enormous sleeping giants. There are several uses for blockchain technology that are actively being investigated.

Even engineers are attempting to leverage this technology to guarantee that many services are well-protected and error-free.

It definitely has tremendous scope, as you can see in the future, given that there are already startups using it. It wouldn’t let you down at any stage if you were an employee.