Common Business Leadership Styles: How to Find The Right One For You

Lead a Business

Many factors support strong businesses. The first is a solid idea for a product or service sold to consumers. The next is a talented team of individuals that work collaboratively to accomplish the company’s goals and deliver excellent service. Funding for the business helps to keep the company in operation. A positive reputation helps to attract potential consumers to the company. The last is leadership.

Leadership is crucial in business. The person in charge is the one everyone looks toward, and the team will follow. The company’s leader often makes the final call on decisions being made. Leaders of a company also set the tone for the business. They establish the standard of service that they expect their employees to deliver. Their ideas and experience have enabled them to get into the position they are in today. Business leaders will use this to push the company forward and accomplish its targets. As such, it is essential for a company to have a strong leader in place to help guide the business.

Business leaders should be focused on accomplishing the company’s goals. However, they should be welcoming and open to suggestions from employees on how to achieve these goals. Finding the right leadership style can be a challenge. Some types might work better in other industries than others.

Here are a few leadership styles that many business leaders have adopted over the years:

Coach-Style –

Coach-style leadership is becoming a favoured choice in some industries. The business leader will focus on each team member, identifying and nurturing that individual’s strengths. They look for strategies they can implement to help them work better as a team. This style of leadership focuses more on the growth and success of the employee. To support their employees, they might set specific tasks that will allow them to test their skills and improve their strengths. Those that adopt a coach-style leadership often want to build a solid team that communicates with one another efficiently and effectively.

Democratic Style –

A democratic leader will take on board the opinions and ideas of everyone on their team. The leader will have the final say on the decision being made. However, each individual on the team will have the opportunity to put forward their thoughts on the topic being discussed. The democratic leadership style is one of the most effective styles. It offers opportunities for all employees, regardless of their position in the company, to have their say.

Transactional Style – 

In many modern businesses, most business leaders will likely have adopted a transactional leadership style. Business leaders will reward their employees for the work that they do. It could be a sales team receiving a bonus for reaching their targets or the marketing team being rewarded for generating leads from their recent campaign. This type of leadership can help to establish roles and responsibilities for employees.

How To Find The Style For You

Business Management Style

Of course, there are various management styles a business leader could choose from. Finding the right one could help a business leader motivate their team towards accomplishing their goals. However, some leaders often struggle with knowing what style suits them best. Online tests can help, but sometimes individuals still need more. For business leaders unsure about what leadership style will suit them best, here are a few ways to help you decide.

Find Out About Yourself

To start, leaders could learn more about their current leadership style. Are they someone that prefers to delegate authority to their employees? Do they prefer to give orders to others? Or does their preferred leadership style fall in the middle of the two? Knowing their preferred leadership style can help business leaders identify the style that suits them best. They can find out on their own. Alternatively, they could ask their trusted colleagues for their opinion. Ask them to describe their leadership style and any strengths and weaknesses they have.

Of course, knowing more about themselves will help business leaders identify their leadership style but it can also help them improve on any areas of weakness or discover ways to use their strengths to their advantage and show employees they are working on being the best leader they can be. Not only will this benefit your employees, but it will allow you to learn of new ways to improve the business in other areas.

Invest In A Course

Enrolling in a course, whether in person or online, can be a worthwhile investment for companies. Many businesses invest in a course for their employees. They do so to help their employees learn new things and refine their current skills. The information and insight gained from these courses can then be implemented in the company. These skills learned can often have a positive impact on the company. It is not just employees that can benefit from an online course; business leaders can benefit from it too.

For example, the University of Cambridge Business Sustainability Management online short course could be an excellent option for those wanting to learn more about leadership and sustainability. Learning about sustainable management could help business leaders who want to make their business operations more sustainable. With more consumers and potential employees wanting to invest and work with companies aiming toward creating a more sustainable future, it could be a worthwhile investment.

Reflect On Past Leaders

Business leaders likely followed the leadership of another individual. They would have observed that individual’s leadership style while working for them. They might have noticed qualities that made that person a strong leader and one they respected and trusted. Business leaders might implement these favoured qualities into their leadership style. It could help them to mould themselves into the type of leaders they wish to be.

Reflecting on former leaders can also help determine the style of leadership they do not like. Business leaders might have felt they were not supported as employees. They do not want their employees to experience the same lack of support they have in the past. Identifying these qualities means that business leaders can avoid them. They know the style they do not wish to have and can work on being the leader they prefer.

In Summary

Finding the right leadership style can be beneficial for a business leader. It can help them direct the company toward their set goals. Employees feel motivated and supported by the strong leadership at the helm of the company. Additionally, employees might feel comfortable speaking with their leaders about any concerns. Having a strong leader that they trust might also encourage them to be more vocal about their ideas. Business leaders should be open to these ideas as they could be beneficial for the company.

These tips could help business leaders determine the style of leader they wish to be. They can create a working culture that is both productive and supportive of everyone within the team. It can take time to form their preferred leadership style. There will likely be mistakes and obstacles along the way to learn from and overcome. These experiences will help business leaders to shape their techniques further. Above all, they can become the business leader they envisioned when they began to climb the career ladder.