6 Interesting Food Emojis and Their Meaning


Emojis are more than a tool of communication. It conveys feelings and symbolizes things and relationships. Surprisingly, there is a variety of emojis you can use. It is not only the yellow circle emoticons, but it also has food emojis. There are 130 emojis categorized into several sections, such as Fruits, Vegetables, Sweets, Ready Meals, and Drinks. Some people may look at food emojis as underrated. Little did they know that these emojis have purposes too. Use when celebrating holidays, like the fish cake with swirl emoji or the pizza emoji on planning night outs. 

But before you dig deeper into using them, you have to know their meaning first. Some food emojis seem different and not like what you think. It is better to understand how the majority used these food emojis. Food emojis can represent much more than meets the eye. 

1. Avocado Emoji

Avocado is a tasty fruit that everyone likes. You might assume that this fruit symbolizes avocado toast, but it isn’t. The avocado emoji has various interpretations depending on its uses. It isn’t very easy on what internet users denote it. 

If a friend sends you an avocado emoji, it could be a sarcastic way to label you as “basic.” Describing someone predictable or boring. Some may also use this in their love relationships. There are two halves of sliced avocado, matching two people in a relationship. It shows that you are your lover’s other half cleverly. 

2. Pizza Emoji 

The pizza emoji is the classic pizza topped with pepperoni. It is commonly seen in your favorite group chats, inviting your friends over for some pizza. This slice of pizza emoji is another cheesy way of saying, “I love you.” Who can’t resist the love for pizza? Like the melted cheese tickling its taste buds and even feelings. 

Some may use this with no content attached, and the receiver rapidly gets it! It indicates that someone is in the mood for pizza. Unsurprisingly, this emoji is loved by many because it conveys appreciation for pizza. This emoji mostly comes with other fast food emojis, such as hamburger emojis, fries emojis, noodle emojis, etc.

Given the historical roots of pizza, the pizza emoji represent Italian culture, specifically its cuisine and culinary legacy. See the pizza emoji mostly on Italian people, especially during the national Pizza day. 

3. Lobster Emoji

Lobster dishes are displayed on special occasions. This emoji is paired with other seafood and bento meal emojis. Moreover, some lobsters are naturally gynandromorphic or have male and female characteristics. This reason alone is considered lobster emoji as the transgender icon. 

In addition, Friends TV series fans will indicate the lobster as a mate for life. They genuinely say, “I found my lobster,” or “She’s my lobster,” using the lobster emoji. Nothing says more about someone telling you they are their lobster. You’ll find your perfect clamp if you haven’t found your lobster match yet!

4. Peach Emoji 

There is an interesting fact about the Peach emoji. Apple attempted to change the design of emojis to avoid the association. The buttocks. However, users are not satisfied with the revised version. Apple decided to change its mind and maintain the previous version of the peach emoji. 

Mostly this is seen in sexual conversations and paired with an eggplant emoji. Without a doubt, it represents an attractive buttock due to its characteristic shape. Some may use it as a compliment to someone’s appearance. Other approaches include personal fitness and humorous jokes. 

5. Wine Emoji 

This wine emoji depicts a glass of wine. It signifies metaphorical wine, romance, fancy dates, and fine dining. Most people use this when celebrating anniversaries, achievements, and other life victories. This emoji is best alongside the caption, “Cheers!” “Congratulations” and “Best Wishes.” Because wine signifies a drink for a wealthy and prosperous life. 

Wine emoji is associated with luxurious and glamorous things. It is also extravagant in love captions, such as imagining a romantic candlelight date. Couples are fond of using the wine emoji as it sparks the conversation and leaves a romantic tone. It is not cheesy, and it is perfect for reminiscing and cherishing a relationship. 

The wine emoji are commonly seen with alcoholic beverages, such as the Cocktail Glass emoji and the Beer Mug emoji. Wine emoji reaches popularity every May 25, National Wine Day. 

Most teenagers use the hot pepper for a metaphoric meaning. It can refer to someone whose appearance is pleasingly hot and sexy. Moreover, it can either compliment someone’s appearance or a new trend. In comparison, adults use it in the context of cooking. The hot pepper emoji can be viewed as a symbol of an ingredient with other spices emojis, such as tomato emoji, onion emoji, etc.

6. Eggplant Emoji 

The eggplant emoji is the most controversial emoji that you may use or not. An eggplant is nutritious, a good source of vitamins, and a harmless vegetable. But, beware of using the eggplant emoji because it is different in the emoji world. An eggplant emoji refers to the male genitalia. Not knowing how it is used may cause harm to any formal conversation. Keep this emoji off your keyboard unless you’re preparing a vegetarian meal for your romantic interest.

In a Nutshell 

Emojis have transformed and expanded throughout the years. It conveys different meanings and messages that enable people to express their feelings freely. If you don’t take the time to understand how it goes, you might embarrass yourself with misused emojis. Some emojis represent more than meets the eye. 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in researching emojis. Don’t hesitate to learn more. It is time to fuel your minds with needed information about emojis. Visit EmojiGuide.com for more latest updates.