6 Things To Know Before Creating a Blog

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It’s exciting to finally start the blog you’ve wanted to do for a long time. However, the process can be intimidating at times. It also requires hard work, careful planning, and smart execution.

Starting a blog also has too many pitfalls that you should watch out for. To help you launch your dream blog successfully, we came up with a list of the things you should know.

Use SEO to drive visitors

Search engine optimization (SEO) enhances your blog to rank high with specific keywords on a search engine’s results like Google. SEO includes link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, and many other actions required to improve your blog’s performance.

So, before writing content for your blog, find keywords applicable to your niche. Then, write content that is best related to the keyword and topic you have chosen.

When writing your content, use the top 10 articles on the search result to write better content. Add in-depth, clear explanations, good-quality images, and links to authority sites.

Don’t use complicated WordPress themes

Experts from a reputable Oxfordshire web design agency would agree that complicated WordPress themes are not always the best. These kinds of themes are more likely to load slower and require maintenance. You can tell that a WordPress theme is too complicated when its functionality list is long.

Focus on quality than quantity

Posting high-quality content is better than posting too many poor-quality ones. In terms of content, SEO Oxford agencies emphasize that quality matters most. Google gave credit to websites with new content in the past. But after sites started to push out dozens of poor quality articles every day, Google started to ban them, especially sites posting fake information.

Format your blog like an expert

A well-formatted blog post is easier to read, given that your content is high quality, too. A blog with a good format can also increase engagement and the reader’s time on the page. No one reads posts word-for-word anymore since most people have less time to spend, which is why formatting is essential.

Use internal linking

When starting a blog, internal links are essential. Internal links are simply links of pages from the same site, which will be linked to another page. These links can help your readers to navigate to your blog easier.

Additionally, it’s an excellent way to lead your audience to read an old post. Internal linking can also boost the ranking of the old blogs you internally liked in a high-ranking blog post.

Drive traffic to your blog post using social media

Since people spend lots of time on social media sites nowadays, it’s best to use these platforms to drive traffic to your blog site. But, if your post doesn’t have shares, comments, and likes, you might be doing social media wrong.

Try tagging relevant groups with many followings when you post a newly published blog on your website. Since most group members are interested in your blog’s niche, your blog post will drive more traffic and engagement.


Ultimately, make sure that your content is relevant, helpful, and engaging. Since competition is tight on the web, your blog should stand out.