657 Area Code: Location, Cities, Time Zone, and Scam | Be Alert!

Area code 657

Area code 657 is a telephone area code that covers several areas of Southern California in the USA. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved area code 657 due to the need for more telephone numbers and an overlay for area code 714. Since September 23, 2008, the new area code has been serving customers of the same geographic regions as the old area code 714. So, if you are willing to know more interesting facts about the ‘657 area code’ along with the cities that this code covers, please continue to read this article.

Locations & Cities Served by the Area Code 657:

Several areas of Sothern California are served by this area code, including Buena Park, Anaheim, Fullerton, Cypress, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Palma, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Ontario, Fountain Valley, Torrance, Orange County, Santa Ana, Tustin, Westminster, Placentia, and Yorba Linda. In the table below, we have listed some of the largest cities of Orange County and Los Angeles County. The time zone of this area code is Pacific (P stands for Pacific) time zone.

CitiesTime ZoneCounty
Fountain ValleyPOrange
Garden GrovePOrange
Huntington BeachPOrange
La MiradaPLos Angeles
Midway CityPOrange
La PalmaPOrange
Santa AnaPOrange
Villa ParkPOrange
Yorba LindaPOrange

Determination of a New Area Code:

A systematic process determines where and when to introduce a new area code. The need for extra telephone numbers increases with the development of rural areas and cities. The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) is responsible for studying the growth of the regions and monitoring the needs of area codes in those regions. Therefore, this organization predicts whether there is a need for a new area code or not.

A single area code can serve approximately eight million dissimilar seven-digit telephone numbers. However, all these numbers are not in use. For instance, a wireless-providing company can purchase phone numbers for 10,000 blocks. Because of this practice, an existing area code goes to exhaustion, even though all phone numbers are not assigned to actual people.

A state has the right to determine whether a new area code should be introduced for specific geographic regions within its borders. Remember, to make a call within the area code 657 or 714, you have to dial 1+area code (657/714) + seven-digit number. However, there is an exception for three-digit calls, like 611, 411, or 911.

Phone Scams and the 657 Area Code:

Numerous phone scams are found to use the area code 657. However, phone scams also occur in other area codes. Some criminals can make you fall into a trap in order to extract your money or personal information. Therefore, you should stay alert and report immediately if you suspect any scam.