Tom Cruise Teeth: The Mystery of the Middle Tooth and a Unique Smile

Tom Cruise
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A smile can make your day and Tom Cruise’s 100-watt grin can certainly do that. Besides attractive looks, the smile of this Hollywood superstar can make you go gaga. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you may discover why Tom’s teeth take the cake. This action movie star has been winning the hearts of fans for his immaculate acting ability, attractive looks, and confident screen appearance in multiple blockbusters including Mission: Impossible, Top Gun, and Fallout.

The fascinating thing about Tom Cruise teeth is that the midline of his two upper central teeth does not match the symmetrical line of his face. In fact, you will see a single front tooth appear in the center. This central tooth is popularly known as Tom’s “middle tooth”. So, what is the mystery behind this uncommon middle tooth?

The Dental History of Tom Cruise:

Tom did not have the neatest teeth in his earlier days. Instead, he had to put effort and time to get this look and alignment of his teeth. The evolution of his teeth is an interesting story of noticeable changes. When he appeared as Steve Randle in 1983’s film, “The Outsiders”, his teeth got the public’s attention for the first time. At that time, one tooth at the center upper row looked disturbingly distorted. Even though people assumed that the actor had made changes to his teeth purposefully for the film, later the truth came out. His front tooth has been chipped because of an accident in his childhood during playing hockey. Since then, he has been wearing a cap over his front tooth. For the film, The Outsiders, he removed his tooth cap to give his character a more believable impression. 

By the time, his movies, such as Top Gun, Risky Business, and Cocktail came out in the 1980s, his teeth appeared straighter. Another interesting incident got added to this story when Tom came up with a dental brace during the premiere of his movie, “Minority Report“. The actor stated that when he took his children to a dentist, the dentist advised him to take dental braces to precise his overbite. He continued wearing a ceramic brace for several months.

The Journey to a Unique Smile:

After the accident, Tom primarily fixed his extremely unaligned and discolored teeth through teeth alignment and whitening procedures. Later, in 2002, we have seen him wear invisible ceramic braces. During the last decade, Tom has been spotted many times with his popular grin of white and beautifully shaped teeth.

While the actor has never discoursed his dental treatment, several dentists assume that porcelain veneers were placed over his teeth. He also might have gone through whitening treatment. It is most likely that Tom’s middle tooth is an outcome of porcelain veneer placement. Thus, the journey to his unique smile is indeed a result of excellent medical efforts. However, we should not forget Tom’s courage to address his dental issues. He did not even try to hide his straightening treatment. Tom Cruise has never lacked self-confidence, despite his dental issues.