Alex Cooper Boyfriend/Early Life/Rise To Fame and More [Updated 2022]

Alex Cooper
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Unarguably one of the most successful celebrities in the podcast, Alex Cooper shot into fame with Call Her Daddy. With a multimillion-dollar deal in hand from Spotify, there is no telling the amount of success the future holds for her. Becoming a household name, Alex has sure made a lot of people curious about her personal life. This includes people trying to find out who Alex Cooper’s boyfriend is. This short piece elaborates on the early life of Alex, and her rise to fame and answers the most throbbing question — Alex Cooper Boyfriend. 

Alex Cooper Early Life

At just 27 years of age, Alex Cooper has gained a massive following owing to her podcast — Call Her Daddy. Born in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Alex was always a cheerful personality who enjoyed both aspects of School — studying and sports, more particularly, Soccer. She has two siblings namely, her sister Kathryn and brother Grant. She studied at Pennington High School from where she also got a scholarship to Boston University. Soccer was one of the sports she really enjoyed playing and was one of the major contributors to her scholarship. She played in High School and she played at Boston University where she won a number of MCT championships

Alex Cooper Career Before Call Her Daddy

While pursuing her graduation, Alex started to create short-term content which gained quite a bit of attention. However, her first job was in 2016 at Dirty Water, a media firm. While she enjoyed her work at the media house, it was not the path destined for her. 

Birth of Call Her Daddy

While many of us take vacations as an escape from our careers, Alex found her career while on a vacation. Roaming the beaches of Venice, Alex and her friend Sofia Franklyn started talking about their relationships. Their discussion soon became a hot topic on the beach and attracted the attention of people there. It was here that someone suggested starting a Podcast. 

In 2018, Alex and Sofia got together to start a podcast — Call Her Daddy. The podcast revolves around relationships and draws from Alex’s own experience. The show grew massively popular and by 2019 it had gained a massive deal. However, it was in 2020 that the podcast stopped running after a feud between the partners. 

Alex Cooper Boyfriend and Net Worth

Alex is an up-and-coming star in the making. Including her brand deals from social media, her podcast deal with Spotify, and more, it can be estimated that Alex Cooper net worth is anywhere between $300,000 and $400,000. Coming to her personal life, Alex has always tried to keep it a secret.  

But, in a recent interview, she confirmed that she was seeing somebody, but refrained from spilling out any names. She gave subtle hints like, the person she is seeing was a cast member of a hit NBC show, which many speculate to be Ryan Eggold. How far are they from each other? Only time will tell. 

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