Steve Harvey Net Worth and More | All You need to Know

Steve Harvey

Welcome to Family Feud, I am your host, Steve Harvey. If you are a fan of American television shows, there is absolutely no chance you haven’t heard this catchphrase. Born in Welch, West Virginia, Steve Harvey is amongst the most celebrated celebrities with an ensemble of titles to his name. From comedian to actor, Steve Harvey has proven to be an all-round performer. However, one place where he found the most success was Family Feud. This article discusses the success of Steve Harvey, his childhood, and of course Steve Harvey net worth in 2022. 

Steve Harvey Childhood and Early Life

Steve was born into a family with a humble background. He grew up with his siblings and parents in Cleveland and joined Kent State University in pursuit of graduation. However, he didn’t find his calling in college and dropped out soon. Trying to make ends meet, he did several jobs, including trying his luck as a salesman. But, this was not what fate had planned for him. 

In 1985, Steve won a local standup contest and that’s when he realized, begging funny and making people laugh came naturally to him. He started stand-up comedy. In a span of just 5 years, Steve Harvey, the name, was buzzing across local bars and clubs. His rise to local fame pushed him into television shows like National Comedy Search and Def Comedy Jam by HBO. 

Harvey also appeared in TV shows like Syndicate and Me and The Boy (his own creation). Following, The Steve Harvey show established him as a bankable TV personality. The show ran between 1996 and 2002.

Steve Harvey, we know how began hosting Family Feud in 2010 and Steve Harvey 2012- 2017, which really made him a global name. The latest show he hosted was Steve which ran from 2017 – 2019 and Little Big Shots, from 2016 – 2019. 

The two shows where you can catch Steve Harvey in 2022 are Steve on Watch and Judge Steve Harvey. 

Steve Harvey Family

Steve Harvey is certainly a family man. Growing up in a large family, he has a strong connection with his people. Steve Harvey has had 3 marriages which resulted in 7 kids. Marcia Harvey was his first wife with whom he had 3 children — Broderick Jr, Brandi, and Karli Harvey. His second marriage to Mary Shackelford gave him Wynton Harvey and Morgan, Jason, and Lori Harvey from Marjorie Harvey.

Steve also has 7 grandchildren from Karli, Morgan, and Jason. He is often seen with some members of the family and has never shied away from the cameras. He embraces family life and is often seen promoting the values of the family on his shows. 

Steve Harvey Net Worth

As of 2022, Steve Harvey Net Worth is approximately 200 million dollars. This includes his income from running shows, properties, and other assets. At the age of 65, Steve is still working and has a massive social following which adds to his worth. He is a reputed and bankable celebrity.