ALPHABET – how many letters are in it? Here is how you solve it

Alphabet letters
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Has someone recently asked you – how many letters are in the Alphabet, and your answer was 26? Well, if you think it’s the right answer, think again. The question has been doing its round on several social media sites and has become very popular. But to everyone who has answered 26 might be wrong. Yes, 26 is not the right answer. So, what is it? Well, here is a quick detail that you would certainly want to read. 

Riddles and puzzles have been one of the most go-to time kill that everyone stuck in the lockdown is looking out for. From riddles, apps to puzzle games and then questions like — how many letters in the Alphabet have become popular, and people love to spend their time finding out the right answer. The answer to this question is quite simple, but anyone who hears it the first time goes for 26 which is the right thought. But when you take a minute to re-read the question, the answer can differ, drastically. Let’s break this question down and try to answer it piece by piece. 

Correct answer to — how many letters in the alphabet 

In the English alphabet, if we count from A-Z the total number of letters is 26. For those still confused, let’s break it down – A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Additionally, enlight is the most widely spoken language. And the question is in English. Since childhood, we all have learned that there are 26 letters in the English language. So, naturally when anyone asks the letter’s questions our mind directly goes to 26 without giving a single thought. But here, we think again. 

If you already know the answer to the question we have got some brain teasers that might interest you. 

  1. What month has 28 days? 
  1. What question can you never answer yes to? 
  1. What is always ahead of you, but you can’t see it? 

Want to know the answer? Hold on till the end

So, coming back to how many letters are in the alphabet? The answer is simple. It’s 11 letters. Yes. THE ALPHABET. Simple yet tricky. Now for the answers to the above question – all months have 28 days, are you asleep yet? And your future.