Upcoming releases: ‘Real steel’ 2: Release date, Cast and crew, and Plot

Real Steel 2

One of the most celebrated movies of star Hugh Jackman, Real Steel, in fact, the real deal, when it was released in 2013. Fighting robots, future, topped with a not-so-breezy father – (young) son relationship, the movie has everything it needs to be a blockbuster. And indeed it was. People and critics both loved the movie, and it still remains one of those movies that one can watch at any time. However, with the kind of plot and concept Real Steel had, movie buffs cannot stop thinking about a sequel. 

After more than a decade since the movie released, there is little information about the making of Real Steel 2. We should also consider how wavey the entire Hollywood industry has grown to become. We hear one movie in production one day, and then the next day it’s gone. Plus, the pandemic has done no good. Movie productions have been shut for well over a year, and it was only recently that filming of some movies began. From Marvel to DC and every other movie, Sequels have become a new trend, and almost every movie that finds success at the box office also gets a guaranteed sequel. So, where is Real Steel 2

Real Steel Plot 

Let’s clear the air on one thing – Real Steel 2 is not dead. Although no sturdy confirmation from the makers of the original film they have also not agreed that there won’t be a Real Steel 2. So, we are hanging in the middle here. So, based on that notion. Additionally, the director of Real Steel Shawn Levy and High Jackman have themselves clarified that there have been some developments in the script, but it isn’t tidy enough to take it to production. 

Here is a guess of what the Real Steel 2 plot can be –

If we think about the original movie and where it left off — Atom lost the fight but remained a champion in the eyes of the people, Hugh Jackman and his son bonded, and their relationship grew stronger. The movie was set in 2020 so it was given that it couldn’t be set before the same year as then they would practically be time traveling. So, Real Steel 2 can be set in any year after 2020, where both Jackman and his on-screen son have grown older. 

Real Steel 2 Cast 

The cast of Real Steel 2 can include the original cast, which led by Hugh Jackman as Charlie, Dakota Goyo as Max, Evangeline Lilly, and Anthony Mackie. 

Real Steel 2 Crew 

We know the director is Shawn Levy since he has already confirmed that he is working on the script. We also think that he would be the product for the sequel. 

Real Steel 2 Release Date 

Since there have been no announcements or script confirmation, This and the next year seem bleak for a Real Steel 2 release. However, if you think about it, a possible release date for the movie can be either the end of 2022 or summer or 2023. Let’s hope for the best.