Best Beginner Tips to Play Escape From Tarkov like a Pro

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If you are a new player to Escape From Tarkov, the new Streets of Tarkov map may seem daunting at first. However, it is an excellent opportunity to test your skills and get a taste of what the game is all about. With fast-paced, intense gunplay that rewards quick thinking and strategic positioning, the Streets of Tarkov is a unique departure from the typical Escape FromTarkov gameplay.

Beginners may find themselves struggling to survive on the game’s new Streets of Tarkov map. With heavily-armed squads, ruthless sightlines, and opportunistic scavengers lurking around every corner, extracting safely can seem like an impossible task.

The new challenges have led players to explore new strategies and approaches to survive the game’s unforgiving environment. By using a variety of undetected EFT cheats, players can take their gameplay to the next level and gain a significant competitive advantage in the game.

While success is never guaranteed in Tarkov, these tips will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the treacherous urban landscape and give you a fighting chance at survival.

Understand the gameplay of PMC and SCAV Escape from

Tarkov provides players with two distinct options, each with its own level of risk. Upon starting the game, players will need to choose between USEC or BEAR, which will determine their PMC appearance.

However, this choice doesn’t have a significant impact on gameplay, except for USEC having a slight advantage on the Lighthouse map. Once that’s done, players will have to choose between PMC or SCAV.

PMC characters enter the game with the gear from the player’s stash. Ensuring gear is important to avoid losing it if the PMC character dies. They have access to a secure container that can’t be looted, giving them an edge in the game.

SCAV characters are given random gear and join the raid after PMCs. AI-controlled SCAVs won’t attack players by default, but attacking them can lower the player’s karma and cause SCAVs to become hostile.

Know the challenges and strategies to survive on the streets

In the Streets map of Escape from Tarkov, every unsilenced gunshot can attract enemies, including enemy PMCs, AI Scavs, and even player Scavs. Player Scavs can be more dangerous because of the human intelligence behind them.

The streets in Escape from Tarkov pose a challenge to players as it is large, but easily traversable, which means that players are likely to encounter armed threats soon after a firefight.

To prevent this, players can either have their teammates lock down angles or retreat as soon as possible. However, several buildings and compounds on the map have limited entrances, making it possible to get attacked from multiple angles.

Explore the offline raiding system

The offline raiding system in Escape from Tarkov is a great way for players to learn a map or practise their skills without the risk of losing gear or gaining experience. Recently, an update has made it possible to play offline with friends as well, adding to the enjoyment of the experience.

To start an offline raid, players need to select their PMC character and click “next” until the Offline Mode screen appears. They then need to check the “Enable OFFLINE mode for this raid” box and can customise the raid further by selecting various options.

These options allow players to adjust the amount and difficulty level of the AI, as well as other settings. More setting options are available to explore and tweak to make the game more fun and exciting.

Night Raids are a peaceful way to pick up loot

Streets, the map in Escape from Tarkov, is a frenzied battleground during the day. However, during night raids, especially early on in the wipe before most players have acquired night vision goggles, the environment is much calmer. This makes it an ideal opportunity for players to scavenge for loot.

Streets are filled with rooms that are packed with valuable items, and players can increase their chances of success by using stealth and crouching to avoid detection. Those who have access to silenced rifles and Vulcan night vision scopes can turn into morally ambiguous Batman-like figures, stalking the streets and accumulating wealth.

Ensure your items minimise gear loss

Insuring items in Tarkov is a smart way to mitigate the risk of losing valuable gear as a PMC. To do so, players can purchase insurance from either Prapor or the Therapist. Once insured, any lost gear will be returned to the player as long as it is not looted by another player.

However, it’s important to note that the return of lost gear is not immediate and occurs gradually over time. While it can be difficult to recover gear from another player, players may have a higher chance of retrieving their lost items if they were killed by an AI Scav, which does not loot bodies.

Some players even drop insured gear in hidden areas to free up space for other equipment, a clever strategy that can help players keep their items and potentially return with even more loot.