Best Tools To Compress PDF

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The majority of devices today can read many file formats, especially those that provide mobile solutions. These gadgets are used not just for communication purposes – it became an alternative for PC use, a replacement for physical books, and can even be attached to other devices (like tablets used as POS machines). As time goes by, the demand for these devices requires better screens for easier use.

As much as they are marketed as replacements for PCs, they do not have large storage or could not process bigger files. For example, books that have thousands of pages could be a very large pdf file that even the use of a computer may take time to load. As a solution to this issue, here are the best tools to compress pdf.


The best on the list, has a very easy-to-navigate user interface. Their comprehensive lineup of pdf tools includes reducing pdf size that does not affect the quality. Start by visiting the website and choose the ‘Compress PDF’ option from the home page. Upload the file by choosing from the device file directory or drag and drop to the dedicated field. Once it is uploaded, an option to select the image quality and resolution (refers to PPI or pixels per inch) can be chosen. Different options for conversion and compression speed can be changed as well. When the processing is finished, click on the “Compress PDF” button and the download for the final file will start.

2. iLovePDF

Reducing the size of pdf files using this site is as easy as the process in After choosing the ‘Compress PDF’ option, select the pdf file to be compressed through the file directory, drag and drop, Google Drive, or Dropbox. There will be three options available which are: Extreme Compression (low quality), Recommended Compression, and Less Compression. Once done, download the file to see the reduced pdf file. Though this service is marketed for free, only 2 files can be processed per day. It is also important to note that the free access can only work on files that are less than 200 MB. A paid subscription will allow higher file size and faster processing.

3. SmallPDF

With a more quirky home page, SmallPDF is also one of those websites that are easy to use. Reducing pdf files has a similar process with the first two options, where it starts by uploading the file. When the system has done processing the document, an option for basic compression and strong compression will appear. However, the latter is only available for paid users. The subscription price starts at US$9 per month and is billed annually. A free trial is also available where signing-up will give 7 days of Pro usage for free.

Aside from making pdf files easier to read, there are many reasons why there is a need to compress pdf. The most important thing to remember is to manage your expectation with the quality as compressing pdf could have a significant difference when it comes to definition and image quality.