Billy Burke movies and TV shows and a mini Biography on him

Billy Burke movies and tv shows

Bill Burke is one of the most respected movie stars in Hollywood. He has a career spanning over decades with several Billy Burke movies and TV shows under his wing. From his first appearance in 1989 with Daredreamer to Most Dangerous Games, a 2023 TV show that spanned over 2 seasons. Bill is known for his dynamic on-screen presence and a pallet of acting prowess.

So, what are some of the best movies and TV shows of Billy Burke and who is this Hollywood heartthrob? Hop on as we discover it in depth.

A little about Billy Burke

Billy Burke is an American born in Bellingham County Washington. Further, he grew up there in a respected family. Growing up, Bill and his parents quickly discovered his flair for singing by the age of 9. By fifteen he made his way into a band, performing at various places. He continued with his band while studying at Western Washington University. He majored in Drama. During his college, he joined the theatre called – A.H.A. Theater. He also displayed his talent at Annex Theater during the New City Festival. 

Everything was great for Billy Burke and it seemed it wouldn’t have been Billy Burke movies and TV shows but albums we would have listened to. However, destiny had other things planned for him. Billy Burke moves to LA to pursue his singing career with a short record deal in his bag. Sadly, the deal didn’t go through and Billy Burke was left disheartened. Moreover, not knowing what to do next, he decided to presume the only next thing he knew how to do – Acting. Further, Billy used his acting features in a couple of short films to begin auditioning. 

Billy Burke movies and TV shows

Although Billy began his career early in 1989, he did small gigs and side roles with only a few mentions like Jane Austen’s Mafia! In 1998. It was Along Came A Spider that came in 2001 and gave him global recognition. Additionally, in the list of Billy Burke movies and TV shows, Twilight can be another A-list movie that puts him out there, in front of the world. Early movies like Fracture (2007) and Ladder 49 (2004) allowed him to work with listers like Joaquin Phoenix and John Trovolta. 

Billy Burke did several small roles in TV shows in the early 90s. However, his primary role in 24 shot Billy Burke to fame. It made him an American Household name. 

Some of the top Billy Burke movies and TV shows include: 

  • 24
  • Ladder 49
  • Twilight
  • Revolution
  • Zoo
  • Drive Angry
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Maid 
  • Lights Out


Is Billy Burke married?

Bill is currently divorced. Moreover, he married Pollyanna Rose in 2008. The marriage came to an end in 2017. It is currently with Cheyenne Carson. Further, she is a writer. 

Who plays the dad in Twilight?

Actor Bill Burke plays the dad in Twilight Saga